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New Champion: Octavia, The Indomitable

Conflict is ancient, war is perspective, but survival is the only real objective. For those who survive, there is a better life somewhere past that conflict; that is what Octavia is fighting for: a better life for us all.

The crucible of war has sharpened her battlefield instincts to a razor’s edge. But what truly distinguishes Octavia is her unwavering determination and her trust in her soldiers. If there is hope, she will find that spark and fan it into a roaring blaze, inspiring her troops with unwavering loyalty. The greatest threats to the Realm will have to survive meeting Octavia, the Indomitable.



  • Damage


  • 2200
[Weapon] Marksman Rifle
A semi-automatic marksman rifle that deals 500 damage every 0.3s, has a maximum Ammo count of 12, and is fully effective up to 900 units.
[Alt-Fire] Designated Sights
Look down your sights and gain increased accuracy; your Movement Speed is reduced by 50%. Using this ability while you are in the air stops your movement, allowing you to fire for up to 2.5s. While active, this ability allows you to see enemies within friendly and enemy Distortion Fields.
[Ability 1] Commanding Leap
Leap into the air to gain control of the battlefield. Aiming down sights with your rifle will cause you to levitate in air for up to 2.5s.
[Ability 2] Distortion Field
Create an opaque dome that hides allies and prevents from seeing outside of it while inside ; ability lasts for 4s. Enemies caught within the Distortion Field will have their Movement Speed reduced by 10%.
[Ultimate] Creeping Barrage
Rain down a laser barrage upon your enemies that deals 850 damage per beam – the Creeping Barrage is cast out in a devastating line in front of Octavia. The beam cluster is setup into two parts: a smaller targeting beam that deals 100 damage and destroys shields. if it makes contact, and the large damaging beam that deals 850 damage.


[Default] Hell or High Water

  • Upon landing with the Commanding Leap ability create a small pool underneath you that will heal both you and allies for 600 health over 1.5s. Octavia’s ammo is not consumed while standing inside of this field or maximum 1.5s.

[Level 2] Asymmetric Warfare

  • Distortion Filed now damages enemies for 125 every .5s for the duration of Distortion Field and heals allies for 75 every .5 seconds while inside of the field.

[Level 8] Display of Force

  • Enemies are rooted in place for 1.5s when they are hit by the pre fire beam and the Creeping Barrage deals 600 extra damage.



  • Determined Defense
    • Increase your maximum Health by 50|50.
  • Interdiction
    • Increase your maximum Ammo by 2|2.
  • Getting Jumpy
    • Reset the Cooldown of Leap after dropping to or below 10|10% Health.
  • Fire and Maneuver
    • Increase your Movement Speed by 6|6% for 2.5 s after getting an Elimination or Killing Blow.

Commanding Leap

  • High Ground
    • Increase the jump strength of Octavia’s Leap by 5|5%.
  • Air Supremacy
    • Reduce damage taken by 5|5% for 2.5 s after activating leap.
  • Vicious Circle
    • Reduce the cooldown of Distortion Field by 0.6|0.6s after activating Leap.
  • Clean Shots
    • Reduce your weapon recoil by 20|20% while using Leap.

Distortion Field

  • Entrenched
    • Reduce damage taken by 5|5% while standing inside of the Distortion Field.
  • Vantage Point
    • Reduce cooldown of Leap by 0.3|0.3s while standing inside of the Distortion Field.
  • Priority Requisition
    • Reduce the cooldown of Distortion Field by 0.5|0.5s.
  • Dominant Dome
    • Increase the size of Distortion Field by 4|4%.

Designated Sights

  • Tactical Fire
    • Generate 1|1 ammo after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination while Designated Sights is active.
  • Overwhelming Force
    • Eliminations or Confirmed Kills while scoped generate 2|2% Ult charge
  • New Boots
    • Reduce the Movement Speed penalty of Designated Sights by 20|20%.
  • Snap To It
    • Reduce the time it takes to bring up Designated Sights by 10|10%



  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2021
  • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2021 has finished.


  • Unlocked with 200 Crystals or 60,000 Gold

Golden Octavia

  • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with Octavia

Battle Pass Update – Event Passes

The Battle Pass will be updated to our new Event Pass format, featuring a single-track reward system and visual overhaul. We wanted to address some of our players major concerns with our new format:

  • Single Rewards track containing items for both Free and Paid Players.
  • 24 Total Levels, with each level containing an impactful unlock
  • 1 skin obtainable by Free Players
  • Total experience required to complete the Battle Pass has been halved.
  • 2-month Event Pass rotation instead of 3-months.
  • Completely NEW Challenge System – Trials of the Realm.

Game On Event Pass

The Eternal Pyre Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 3 — Indomitable — as we transition to our new Event Pass system with the release of our first Event Pass, Game On, purchasable for 400 crystals.

Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock 24 levels of rewards as you play and complete challenges!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Event Pass instantly!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Event Pass Purchasers)

  • Avatar Androxus
  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost

INSTANT UNLOCK – Avatar Androxus

Level 12 – Full Dive Ying

Level 18 – Rezzed Ying

Level 24 – Modded Androxus

Other Event Pass Exclusive Unlocks


3D Sprays


MVP Poses

  • Night Out – Evie


  • Drumline – Inara
  • Flowing Form – Zhin

Loading Frame

Death Card

Death Stamp

Trials of the Realm – Game On

Trials of the Realm is Paladin’s newest challenge system replacing the Battle Pass Challenges, featuring weekly quests for players to tackle each patch. Completing your Trials unlocks a variety of cosmetic, currency, and XP rewards, with every Event Pass featuring a fresh set of Challenges and rewards.


Trials of the Realm can be accessed from a new menu option on the Paladins home page.

When you first open the Trials menu, there will be 8 regions that all correspond to a location on the Paladins World Map.

When a major patch goes live, players will only have access to the first Region, but each week a new region will unlock, opening up new challenges and rewards. A timer on the World Map and Region List will show how long before the next region is unlocked.

Challenge Hubs:

To start your Trials open up any of the regions that have been unlocked – there you will find 3 different sets of challenges, each with their own reward, represented by an iconic Paladins location.

These locations are unlocked with tickets displayed at the bottom of any region you open. Each patch you will start with two tickets, and completing a set of challenges grants you both the reward for that location and a new ticket. Open up any of the three locations inside a region, select unlock, and you will start progressing your trials!


Each set of Trials you complete has a unique reward tied to it. Whether you want crystals, avatars, Event Pass Levels, or chests – the order you unlock the rewards is determined by you!

  • 300 Total Crystals
  • 7 Total Game On Event Pass Levels
  • 60,000 Total Gold



MVP Poses

  • Striking Snake – Mal’ Damba


Test Maps

  • We have officially retired the Test Maps match queue.
  • Players will now be able to create custom games on Test Maps.

Sparkling Stallion Pack DLC

Ride into Battle with Flair on the new Sparkling Stallion Mount! The Sparkling Stallion Pack will be replacing the Dragon Rider Pack with the release of Patch 3 – Indomitable.


  • $14.99


  • Sparkling Stallion Mount
  • 200 Crystals
  • 1 Deal of the Day Token



R.O.M. Raum

  • Available from the Digital World Chest

Heatsink Raum

  • Available for 800 Crystals


  • Available from the Digital World Chest

Genesis Imani

  • Available for 800 Crystals


Digital World – NEW


  • 400 crystals

Release Date:

  • March 31st


  • Champion Skins
    • R.O.M. Raum
    • E-mani Imani
    • Digitized Bomb King
    • Digitized Inara
    • Battlesuit Eagle Eye Kinessa
    • Battlesuit Angel Furia
    • GR0BOT Grover
    • Robo Force Ruckus

Battle Pass 2019 – New


  • 400 crystals

Release Date:

  • April 14th


  • Champion Skins
    • Battlesuit Eagle Eye Kinessa
    • Battlesuit Angel Furia
    • Battlesuit Godslayer Androxus
    • Digitized Inara
    • Digitized Bomb King
    • Digitized Fernando
    • Steel Forged Barik
    • Steel Forged Imani
    • Steel Forged Mal’Damba
    • Shore Patrol Kinessa
    • Shore Patrol Lian
    • Shore Patrol Fernando
    • Pirate’s Treasure Io
    • Pirate’s Treasure Ruckus
    • Pirate’s Treasure Maeve
    • Mermaid Ying
    • Hustler Strix
    • Bounty Hunter Lex
    • Gunslinger Tyra
    • Safecracker Khan

Arcane Powers – NEW


  • 400 crystals

Release Date:

  • April 28th


  • Champion Skins
    • Dark Monarch Lian
    • Ska’drin Ash
    • Divine Daughter Ying
    • Hustler Strix
    • Jade Priestess Seris
    • Pyre-Lord Magnus Corvus

Community 2021 Chest – NEW


  • Available from Special Events

Release Date:

  • May 12th


  • Avatars
    • Birthday Party Cassie
    • Birthday Party Mal’Damba
    • Birthday Party Moji
    • Birthday Party Io
    • Birthday Party Buck
    • Birthday Party Vora
    • Birthday Party Luna
    • Birthday Party Pip and Pepper
    • Birthday Party Ying
    • Birthday Party Yagorath


Developer Commentary: Yagorath is heavily influencing the meta and play rates of champions at all skill levels – we are seeing that most overperforming champions have mechanics that either counter, or compliment her very well. For now we would like to bring Yagoraths power level down and see where other Champions fall, so balance will be minimal for the release of PTS. More balance adjustments may come based on PTS performance.


  • Health
    • Reduced Health 4,000 ➡️ 3,400

Developer Commentary: Based on Bariks current performance we are reverting his health buff from last patch.


  • Talent
    • Corrosive Acid
      • Reduced Caustic Spray initial hit damage 48 ➡️ 42
  • Passive
    • Armored Carapace
      • Base Damage Reduction decreased 40% ➡️ 35%
  • Inhand
    • Caustic Spray
      • Reduced initial hit damage 42 ➡️ 36
  • Ultimate
    • Devour
      • Reduced base Ultimate Health pool 4000 ➡️ 3500

Developer Commentary: Giant space worm is strong.

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Doors could apply damage to Reversal.


  • Fixed an issue where the One Man’s Treasure would activate twice if a Turret killed an enemy.

Bomb King

  • Fixed an issue where the projectile trail VFX would come from the wrong hand if Bomb King reloaded after throwing an odd number of Sticky Bombs.


  • Fixed further issues with Corvus getting out of bounds using Projection.


  • Fixed an issue where Dredge could see some 3P effects on his camera in 1P.


  • Updated Protectors card text to explicitly state that the card does not activate while using Moonlight.


  • Fixed an issue where Eternal and Dark Guardian skins use the Default skin’s audio instead of unique audio.


  • Fixed an issue where Precision would gain stacks on targets in an Ethereal state.


  • Fixed an issue where the Dense Woods card did not function.


  • Fixed an issue where the Mastery Coin could get stuck on Skye’s model when using Mastery Emote at the end of round.


  • Fixed an issue where Terminus’ respawn timer was reduced when executed by an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Doors could apply damage to Power Siphon.


  • Fixed an issue where Tiberius could activate the second effect of Heavy Blade with the Tigron’s Fury talent equipped while Banisher or Polymorphed.


  • Fixed an issue where Torvald’s Protection activation audio would play a second time when the shield expired on the target.


  • Fixed an issue where Blastflower would gain stacks on targets in an Ethereal state.


  • Fixed an issue where Yagorath could swap from Travel Form to Planted Form while Banished.
  • Fixed an issue where Chronos and other Cooldown-reducing effects would not reduce the Cooldown of Travel Form abilities.
  • Fixed some map collision issues with Yagorath on Brightmarsh.


  • Fixed an issue where the “Inverted Y-Axis” setting carried over from Controller to Keyboard and Mouse when the Player swapped Input Type.