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Event Passes:

Paladins is moving to an Event Pass structure starting with our Game On Pass launching on March 31. This new format will replace our previous Battle Pass System.

A new Event Pass will launch every 2 months instead of our previous 3 month Battle Pass cycle and will include 2 brand new skins with 2 alternate color versions. Additionally, Event Passes will only take 28 Million XP to reach max level rather than the 60 Million in our Battle Passes!

Event Passes will be 24 levels and each level will have an impactful unlock including Death Stamps, Sprays, Avatars, MVP Poses, or Emotes.

Event Passes will be priced at 400 Crystals. Players can buy all content of an Event Pass for 1500 Crystals (as opposed to just getting the first 30 levels before through a Passport). This will be an option presented when you choose to buy the Event Pass. If you choose not to buy the Event Pass, don’t worry: you will still get tons of free unlocks while completing the Event Pass, including one of the skins!

In addition to Event Passes, we have completely remade our challenge system in Paladins. Trials of the Realm is the new challenge system coming to the game in the Indomitable Update!

Trials of the Realm:

Trials of the Realm challenges are completely free to all who play Paladins. You do not have to own the paid Event Pass to complete or unlock these challenges. These are a great way to not only earn up to 300 Crystals, but also unlock rewards like MVP, Emotes, and Avatars as well!

When you first open the Trials menu, there will be 8 regions that all correspond to a location on the Paladins World Map. When a major patch goes live, players will only have access to the first Region, but each week a new region will unlock, opening up new challenges and rewards.

To start your Trials open up any of the regions that have been unlocked – there you will find 3 different sets of challenges, each with their own reward, represented by an iconic Paladins location.

These locations are unlocked with tickets displayed at the bottom of any region you open. Each patch you will start with two tickets, and completing a set of challenges grants you both the reward for that location and a new ticket. Open up any of the three locations inside a region, select unlock, and you will start progressing your trials!

Each set of Trials you complete has a unique reward tied to it. Whether you want crystals, avatars, Event Pass Levels, or chests – the order you unlock the rewards is determined by you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I still earn free Crystals as I level up my Event Pass like I did in the Battle Passes?

A: Players will have the opportunity to get 100 Crystals through the paid track of the Event Pass. Additionally, Trials of the Realm will allow all players to earn up to 300 Crystals throughout the 8-week Event Pass cycle, adding up to the 400 Crystal cost of the Event Pass.

Q: Will I still be able to use old Battle Pass XP boosters I have saved from the previous format?

A: Yes, your boosters will still work. Any from previous passes will be re-named as Event Pass Boosters and now work on all Event Passes from then going forward.

Q: If I don’t purchase the Event Pass can I still get free content?

A: Absolutely! Players can unlock one of the Event Pass skins as well as other content free, just by playing Paladins. In addition Trials of the Realm is open to all players and includes even more free content!