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The Bounty Store has become a favorite amongst our playerbase with the ability to earn skins for free by playing. We want to make this an even better player experience for you, so we will be taking down the store temporarily for a big makeover. This will provide players with a better experience while we visually upgrade the store and implement some significant bug fixes.

We will be taking down the Bounty Store for this upgrade on March 31st, and are shooting to bring it back online with our 4th update this year, which will also include the debut of Limited Time Modes. As we continue development on the new store there’s a chance we may decide to take additional time as needed to ensure it releases in the best state possible. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we have a more clear picture on a firm release date so be sure to keep an eye on our official social media channels.


When will the current Bounty Store be taken offline?

The Bounty Store will be taken offline on March 31.

When will the new Bounty Store be available?

We’re shooting to have the new Bounty Store up and running with our 4th Update this year (targeted for late May). Keep an eye on our social channels for updates.

Will players be able to use their Bounty Skins while the store is down?

Yes! Our team has found a way for our players to have access to these while the store is being updated.

What about the Bounty Marketplace?

The Beta Bounty Marketplace will become unavailable after March 31, and will not return with the launch of the new Bounty Store.

When the Bounty Store returns, will skins and coins owned transfer to the new system?

Yes, and if a player owns multiple copies of a skin through the marketplace we will pay out a predetermined amount of bounty coins.