Play Free

Hopefully nobody got lost in the shadows this past weekend and were able to see all of the teasers unfolding on Paladins social media!

This week as we continue to roll out more teasers we have some excitement on the way.

Here’s what you can expect:

Update Show

  • This Wednesday, mark your calendars for 12 PM EST. We will be unloading all of the new info on our next Champion and changes coming to Paladins in it’s next update. Make sure to tune in on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for when we go live!

Who’s Got the Mojo?

  • The next installment of our developer stream where we play with the community commence! Two devs will be joining up with 3 community players randomly selected from Twitch chat to receive the “Got the Mojo” title in game.

We’ll see you in the Realm!

Weekly Champion Rotation

***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***

  • Khan
  • Sha Lin
  • Skye
  • Corvus