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After a weekend of 2X Champion XP we’re gearing you up for a new update and more coming!

Here’s what’s going down:

Shadows Update

  • Going live this Wednesday, you’ll be able to finally play Vatu, our newest Flank Champion! Additionally to this, you’ll be able to explore all new Trials of the Realm content and the Beach Bash Event Pass. Make sure to refresh yourself with the update notes here.

Who’s Got the Mojo? Stream

  • The chance to get the “Got the Mojo” title returns this Thursday at 11 AM EST! Make sure to tune into Twitch at that time for your chance to be chosen from chat to join the devs this week!

Paladins’ 3rd Birthday Last Chance

  • Starting Friday and going until Memorial Day, players will have the chance at more chest rolls for the Community Avatars celebrating Paladins’ 3rd Anniversary again. In addition to this you’ll also have a second chance at the spray as well.
  • Community Chest 2021 Rolls
    • Starts Friday, May 28th at 4 AM EST
    • Ends Sunday, May 30th at 4 AM EST
    • Obtained by playing any 2 (non-bot) games of the same mode in a row.
    • You can earn up to 4 daily but have to do 2 games of EACH mode:
      • Team Deathmatch, Siege, Onslaught, Ranked
  • Birthday Spray
    • Starts Sunday, May 30th at 4 AM EST
    • Ends Tuesday, June 1st at 4 AM EST
    • Obtained by playing any 2 (non-bot) games of the same mode in a row.

We’ll see you in the Realm!

Weekly Champion Rotation

***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***

  • Ash
  • Octavia
  • Buck
  • Grohk