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Some announcements might be on their way soon to bring some extra excitement to the Realm this week. So make sure you’re tuning into our social channels on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for that!

Here’s what we can tell you is coming up:

Who’s Got the Mojo Dev Stream

  • Everyone’s going to get another shot at the “Got the Mojo” title in Paladins. Just make sure you’re tuning in at 11 AM EST on the Paladins Twitch channel to have your shot at being selected from chat to play with the developers.

2X Event Pass Weekend

  • We got you covered for the weekend with a chance to get further in your Beach Bash Event Pass!
    • Starts Friday, June 11th at 4 AM EST
    • Ends Monday, June 14th at 4 AM EST

We’ll see you in the Realm!


Leap to conclusions and resurrect yourself in this jumpy game mode with Pip and Terminus.

  • Begins Friday, June 11th at 8AM ET
  • Ends Monday, June 14th at 8AM ET



***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***

  • Raum
  • Lian
  • Evie
  • Mal’Damba