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New Champion: Saati, The Trickshot

No expense is spared to be the best of the best. She may work for money, but she makes her money work for her — with the latest equipment to complement her skills. You may try to take cover, but not even solid cover can save you from Saati, the Trickshot.

To you, a coinflip is a gamble. For her, it’s an opportunity. If you hear that she’s after your bounty, you might as well stop running and meet her face to face — either way, it only delays her next night out. The biggest marks yet still walk the Realm, and those big bounties will fund a LOT of carousal.



  • Damage


  • 2200
[Weapon] Hand Cannon
A heavy semi-automatic pistol that deals 525 damage every 0.5s. Has a maximum ammo count of 7 and is fully effective up to 60 units.
[Alt-Fire] Ricochet
Flip an arcing coin into the air that travels up to 200 units. The Coin will deal 100 damage to enemies it comes in contact with; While activated, it deals 250 to the closest enemy within 65 units of the coin for every shot that you land on the coin. The coin will be destroyed after landing 4 shots on it, exploding and dealing 550 damage to enemies within 10 units. Consumes 2 Pips.
[Ability 1] Blast Back
Ignite a kicking backflip to enemies in a 45 unit cone in front of Saati. This attack deals 250 damage to enemies within range and sets them on fire for 2s.Push yourself back up to 25 units while her enemies are also Knocked Back up to 20 units. Consumes 4 Pips.
[Ability 2] Dead Ringer
Deploy a facsimile of Saati onto the battlefield. Saati is granted 1.5s of invisibility when deployed. This cardboard cutout fires 3 shots that deal 150 damage every 1s in a straight line in front of it; The Dead Ringer decoy has 1500 Health and Reveals enemies for 1s for every shot that the enemy lands on the decoy. Landing a killing blow on the Dead Ringer decoy will reveal that enemy to Saati for 3s. Consumes 4 Pips.
[Ultimate] Wallbang
Supercharge your Hand Cannon to fire up to 3 bullets. Each bullet Pierces the world and enemies, dealing 777 damage to anyone unlucky enough to be in the way.


[Default] Improvised
The Decoy is now more cost effective to use in battle. The Dead Ringer decoy will now cost 3 Pips instead of 4 and will explode, dealing 500 damage to enemies within a 10 unit radius.

[Level 2] Window of Opportunity
Blast Back now knocks enemies straight up and enemies take 20% more DMG from Saati for 1.5s.

[Level 8] Heads or Tails
Ricocheted shots deal 200% more damage to shields, reveal enemies for 1s, and heal Saati for 125 health.

Cards – Weapons/Armor

Bullet Hopper
Increase your maximum Ammo by {1|1}.
Designer Armor
Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}hp.
Taste Maker
Increase your Movement Speed by {5|5}% for 4s after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination.
Sure Shot
Increase your Ultimate charge rate by {3|3}%.

Cards – Alternate Fire

Aggressive Tip
Increase the projectile speed of Ricochet by {10|10}%.
Costly Physics
Increase the time that ricochet is out when deployed by {scale=.3|.3}s
Steady Predictions
Generate {1|1}% Ultimate Charge after hitting your coin.
Steel Coin Purse
Reduce damage taken by {3|3}% for 2.5s after Ricochet is destroyed.

Cards – Ability 1

Increase the duration of Saati’s invisibility by {.2|.2}s after deployment of Dead Ringer.
Paper Design
Decrease the time between bursts of Dead Ringer’s inhand fire by {4|4}%.
Reinforced Standee
Increase the Health of Dead Ringer by {150|150}hp.
Increase the duration of Dead Ringer’s reveal on destruction by {.5|.5}s.

Cards – Ability 2

Closing Time
Increase your Movement Speed by {6|6}% for 2.5s after activating Blast Back.
Grab and Go
Generate {1|1} Ammo for each enemy hit with Blast Back.
Plated Leggings
Reduce Damage taken by {3|3}% for 1.5s after using Blast Back.
Step Off
Increase the Knockback Range of Blast Back by {10|10}%


Iced Out [Limited]

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2021
  • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2021 has finished.

Hot Shot

  • Can be purchased for 60,000 Gold or 300 Crystals (Season Pass 2021 holders will automatically unlock this skin)

Golden Saati

  • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with Saati

MVP Poses

  • Default
  • All in a Day’s Work


  • Default
  • Heads or Tails

Nightfall Event Pass

Take to the shadows with our latest Event Pass – Nightfall! Instantly unlock Count Corvus for purchasing, and unlock a total of 24 levels of rewards as you play!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Nightfall Event Pass instantly!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Event Pass Purchasers)

  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost
  • Count Corvus

Level 12 – Temptress Skye

Level 18 – Midnight Royal Corvus [Free]

Level 24 – Devilish Skye

Other Event Pass Exclusive Unlocks

Static Spray

3D Sprays


MVP Pose

Death Card

Trials of the Realm

New Trials and rewards await you with the release of the Nightfall patch! Complete these challenges each week to unlock a variety of cosmetics, currency, and XP rewards.

Trials Schedule

  • Temple Isles – Unlocks September 15th
  • Eastern Reaches – Unlocks September 22nd
  • Trade Row – Unlocks September 29th
  • Abyss – Unlocks October 6th
  • Crosswind Hold – Unlocks October 13th
  • Warder’s Watch – Unlocks October 20th
  • Aico Tundra – Unlocks October 27th
  • Lunar Coast – Unlocks November 3rd



  • 350 Crystals
  • 3,000 Bounty Coins
  • 120,000 Gold
  • 1x Event Pass Level
  • Event Pass Team Boosters
  • Skin Boosters
  • 2x Titles

Static Spray

Animated Spray

3D Sprays


MVP Pose


Limited Time Modes

The Trickshot patch will feature 4 unique and 4 previously popular modes that rotate throughout the patch cycle. Each week there will be a different limited time mode available, from midnight Friday until 8am on Monday, EST. Here’s are some quick previews of what to expect next:

Cosmic Death

  • Jenos moves at the speed of light, or as fast as time and space will allow him. Jenos only mode with extremely increased Ultimate Charge gain rate and blazing fast movement speed.


  • All Raum, all chaos. Wreak havoc across the realm with all players as Raum, featuring decreased CDs across your abilities and Ultimate.

Claws Out

  • Tired of getting sniped from a mile away? Come on down to Claws Out, featuring all Kogas with claws without energy drain, alongside decreased Agility cooldown and damage.


Pumpkin Patch Rei

  • Available in Spooky Scary Chest on September 15th

Revenant Torvald

  • Available as Event Pass Exclusive, for Direct Purchase, and in Snowfall Chest on September 29th

Barebones Dredge

  • Available as Rotating Skin in Bounty Store

Golden Inara

  • Available from Level 50 Mastery

Golden Seris

  • Available from Level 50 Mastery

Sky Whale Mount

  • Available as DLC purchase

Pride Avatars
In addition to the Pride Avatars we added in 2020 the following will also be available:

  • Gender Queer
  • Gender Fluid
  • Demi Sexual
  • Agender
  • Polysexual
  • Straight Ally

Fall Community Avatar Submission Program
The following Community Artists will have their avatars below added into our Community Chest in the Trickshot Update to be obtained in a future Community Weekend Event.


Spooky Scary – NEW


  • 400 Crystals

Release Date:

  • September 15


  • Pumpkin Patch Rei (NEW)
  • Demonette Maeve
  • Akuma Makoa
  • Trick or Treat Talus
  • Wickerman Mal’Damba
  • Bewitching Evie
  • Pumpking Bomb King
  • Knightmare Fernando
  • Dark Lord Torvald

Snowfall – NEW


  • 400 Crystals

Release Date:

  • September 29


  • Revenant Torvald (NEW)
  • Dire Wolf Tyra
  • Abominable Terminus
  • Aurora Furia
  • Merrymaker Lian
  • Merrymaker Dredge
  • A-bomb-inable Bomb King
  • Sugar Plum Willo

Playtime – NEW


  • 400 Crystals

Release Date:

  • October 13


  • Cuddly Moji
  • Code Green Comms Viktor
  • Cuddly Makoa
  • Crime Fighter Sha Lin
  • Star Slayer Ruckus
  • Mermaid Ying
  • Remix Pepper

Stone Keep Map Update: Day & Night

Developer Commentary:
With this map rework we wanted to accomplish two main goals. 1. We wanted the color scheme and architecture design to very obviously reflect that Stone Keep is a Magistrate City. And 2. We wanted to use this rework to introduce a much more urban environment, something we’ve never really put into Paladins before. We wanted this map to feel more like a bustling medieval metropolis, and we expanded on the skybox to reinforce that. The sheer cliff drop is gone, replaced by a wide swath of additional city buildings across a broad canal.

We intended the map to feel more like a small piece of a much larger world instead of a castle sitting alone atop a hill. As for the lighting, we’ve wanted to test multiple lighting scenarios on maps for some time, and this seemed like a good place to start. Thanks to the city setting we were able to integrate many sources of artificial light into the visual design so we could continue to highlight important routes and landmarks in the dark. We’re very excited to see how both versions of this updated map are received and we hope you enjoy playing.

General Updates

Developer Commentary:
Some of our systems weren’t working as well as we’d hoped, so this patch we put some time into making things better. The Bounty Store should be more functional. Some unintentionally blacklisted words have been un-blacklisted. And Champion Mastery should be giving the correct rewards.

Bounty Store

  • As of our upcoming Hotfix, Daily Quests should once again award Bounty Coins (increased from previous store to 30 – normal, and 60 – hard)
  • Players will now have opportunities to earn additional Bounty Coins in the Event Pass and Trials of the Realm.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a new Dredge skin only available via the Bounty Store!
  • In addition, we’re bringing back limited quantities, and adding Boosters as another way of spending those hard-earned coins.

Free Rewards

  • We’re increasing the number of rewards that can be claimed per day from 5 to 35 for players in regions where ads are available. We’ll continue to monitor this system and make adjustments.

Prohibited Words Blacklist

  • We’ve made some adjustments here. Players can now type Cassie without getting asterisked out!

Update on Champion Mastery Rewards

  • With regards to reports that masteries weren’t correctly awarding the expected rewards–we believe this has been fixed.
    If players are still experiencing this issue, please let us know and we’ll try to get it sorted out.
    Player account name will be useful in tracking down any further problems


Developer Commentary:
As Paladins continues to grow and evolve, we continue to refine the methods by which we determine which changes should be made in any given patch. This includes a strong data-driven approach mixed with valuable feedback solicited from our Assembly of Champions, our official social media channels, our Discord, and others. These changes address some of the Champions who are currently under- or over-performing, as well as Champions who are perceived to be strong or weak and would therefore benefit from seeing changes. In addition to the changes going into this update, we have other ideas and changes already on the slate for future updates, as we continue to work with you to help keep Paladins on the top of its game.


  • Defiance
    • Reduced range 25 ➡️ 20
  • Buying Time
    • Reduced Ammo scaling 2|2 ➡️ 1|1

Developer Commentary:
While Androxus has pretty healthy statistics, there are a few aspects that are seen as not aligned with player expectation, including the visual distance of his Defiance and the amount of Ammo that can be generated with his Buying Time card.


  • Unstable Fissure
    • Increased range 20 ➡️ 25
  • Temporal Divide
    • Reduced Cooldown penalty 65% ➡️ 55%

Developer Commentary:
The change to Temporal Divide made playing with that talent even more difficult. This shifts some of that frustration back out of that change. Additionally, Unstable Fissure is doing fairly well, but could use a slight range increase to make it more confirmable in more situations.


  • Crossbow
    • Increased projectile speed by 5%
    • Increased projectile size by 10%

Developer Commentary:
Cassie is a Champion who rewards players who are familiar with how her weapon handles, and these changes aim to make it slightly easier to do so.


  • Officer’s Pistol
    • Increased damage per shot 70 ➡️ 74
  • Increased maximum effective range 110 ➡️125
  • Projection
    • Increased the Cooldown reduction when choosing to not Teleport 1s ➡️ 2s

Developer Commentary:
Corvus is slightly underperforming in areas not surrounding his Healing output. As such, we’re increasing his combat effectiveness and the utility of his Projection.


  • Blink
    • Reduced the time until teleport 0.2s ➡️ 0.1s
  • Over the Moon
    • Increased damage buff 20% ➡️ 25%

Developer Commentary:
Evie is in a solid state (does Ice Block count?) but we feel that Over the Moon is underperforming slightly when compared to her other talents. Reducing the pre-fire (the time it takes before the ability activates) of Blink will be a nice quality of life change for Evie players.


  • Aegis
    • Increased resource required to bring Shield up 15% ➡️ 20%
    • Reduced base rate of Shield resource generation by 11%
    • Increased time after taking damage before full rate of recharge begins 0.6s ➡️ 0.7s
    • NEW: Added a 1.5s delay after Shield is completely destroyed before recharge will begin

Developer Commentary:
Our statistics and player feedback align on the fact that the current iteration of Aegis is overperforming. Nerfs across the board as it relates to this talent aim to bring it more in line with other similar mechanics and his other talents.


  • Deep Roots
    • CURRENT: Crippling Throw will Root enemies hit and will Chain between nearby enemies up to 3 times.
    • NEW: Hitting an enemy with Crippling Throw will chain a lesser effect to up to 3 nearby enemies, Slowing them for 35% for 2s.

Developer Commentary:
Deep Roots allows for significant utility beyond the healing the living tree brings to the battlefield. It is frustrating to be impacted so often by this ability, especially as we have seen Grover’s playrate increase recently. This change is meant to still provide a significant utility benefit to picking Deep Roots, but help alleviate some of the frustration players are experiencing with this talent right now.


  • Designated Sights
    • Increased damage per shot while aiming down sights 425 ➡️ 450
    • Increased maximum effective range 110 ➡️ 125
    • Slightly increased accuracy

Developer Commentary:
With her most recent changes before this update, Octavia was performing decently, but we saw a significant decline in playrate for this Champion. These changes will bring her slightly more in line with the rest of the damage cast.


  • Mortal Reach
    • Reduced the effectiveness of the Healing tick rate modification 25% ➡️ 20%

Developer Commentary:
Seris is currently able to put out a significant amount of Healing very consistently. We’re bringing that down for those who are taking Mortal Reach, and we’re keeping Seris on the list to watch for subsequent changes.

Sha Lin

  • Desert Silence
    • NEW: Reduces the Cooldown of Crippling Arrow by 1s. Crippling Arrow now Silences and Slows enemies by 15% for 2s.
  • Withdraw
    • Reduced Cooldown 12s ➡️ 11s
  • Rapid Shot
    • Reduced Cooldown 13s ➡️ 12s

Developer Commentary:
Desert Silence was underperforming when compared to his other talents, and Sha Lin needed a bit of love to bring him slightly more in line with the rest of the damage.


  • Smoke and Daggers
    • Base Healing per second 150 ➡️ 100
    • NEW: Smoke Screen no longer applies Invisibility to you

Developer Commentary:
Smoke and Dagger is overperforming, but it does provide an interesting and fun change to the way Skye plays. This change brings down its effective Healing at base, but also removes some of the utility that Skye would otherwise get in addition to the talent’s other benefits.


  • Talon Rifle
    • Reduced the time after a shot before you can shoot again 1.25s ➡️ 1.2s
  • Pistol
    • Reduced vertical and horizontal recoil by 15%
    • NEW: Now automatic — does not require individual presses for each shot

Developer Commentary:
We are confident in the change that we made to Talon Rifle in the last shift, but feel comfortable bring his refire rate slightly back up so Strix can be more in line with the rest of the damage Champions. In close-range encounters, Strix’s pistol handles pretty poorly. We don’t want to bring back the days in which his Pistol had the highest damage per second in the game, but we do feel that it could feel more effective at base.


  • Power Siphon
    • Increased resource consumption 20%/s ➡️ 22.5%/s

Developer Commentary:
Terminus is a powerful Champion in both perception and in gameplay. Part of that is the nature of his Absorb. This change encourages players to be a little more mindful of his Siphon energy consumption and how they manage this ability.


  • Nade Launcher
    • Reduced damage 700 ➡️ 650
  • In the Fray
    • Reduced scaling 5|5% ➡️ 4|4%

Developer Commentary:
Tyra has been performing a little more highly than we would like, and these changes are meant to bring her down more in line with the rest of the cast.


  • Enveloping Shadows
    • Reduced effectiveness 15% ➡️ 12%

Developer Commentary:
Vatu’s Enveloping Shadows talent is overperforming when compared to his other talents, so this is meant to curtail its effectiveness in comparison.

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where Atlas’ Unstable Fissure icon and description were missing from the in-game scoreboard if Atlas had that talent equipped.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting the binding that activated Corvus’ Ultimate, Entropic Breach, while in the Spawn Room could lock Corvus out of using his Abyssal Reconstruction ability until he used his Ultimate in the match, outside of his Spawn Room.


  • Fixed an issue where the Swift Sear card would not function if Imani used her Inferno Cannon ability while in midair.


  • Updated the description on Pip’s Ultimate, Evil Mojo.


  • Fixed a height difference between opposite corners on the top section of the Capture Point on Foreman’s Rise (this issue prevented Yagorath from swapping to Planted Form on one corner but not the other).
  • Fixed an issue where the hover state on the “X” (Close) button on the “Earn Free Rewards” menu did not line up with its selectable area.
  • Fixed an issue where Gamepad players did not have a “Close” callout in the bottom left corner of their screen when inside the “Earn Free Rewards” menus.
  • Fixed an issue where Gamepad players would be unable to select the option to use a Skin Booster if they were previewing an unowned skin in Match Lobby.
  • Fixed various issues related to translation and message display errors.

PTS Changes

PTS Bug Fixes


  • Deep Roots should now correctly only root the initial target


  • Smoke and Daggers should now correctly no longer apply stealth to Skye herself

PTS Balance Changes


  • Unstable fissure
    • Range reverted from 25 back down to 20
  • Temporal Divide
    • Cooldown penalty reverted from 55% back up to 65%


  • Increased delay after shield is destroyed before shield regen begins from 1.5s -> 2.2s
  • Increased post-damage delay before shield regen begins from 0.7s -> 1.2s


  • Nade Launcher damage reverted from 650 -> 700
  • Mercy Kill
    • Now reduces Nade Launcher damage from 700 -> 650