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Earlier this year we announced the return of the in game Bounty Store, and since then you all have been earning Bounty Coins and using them to pick up a ton of amazing content. In addition to this, we are pleased to present an updated Bounty Marketplace.

If you’re new to Paladins and don’t know what the Bounty store is, here’s a quick rundown.

We have reopened the Bounty Store, with more updates to come in the future. As we continue to expand the system towards that goal, we will be making certain changes. In the gen:LOCK patch, there were pricing changes in the updated version. To compensate for this, and in light of exploits from the previous implementation, we normalized previous Bounty Coins such that players were to have between ~100-1000 Bounty Coins when we reopened the store. For the vast majority of players, this was an increase from their previous balance.

Skins that were owned previously will be maintained, but duplicates of each skin are being removed.

Bounty Skins are priced at more Bounty Coins per skin than in the past, but we’ve multiplied the rewards from Daily Quests by 30, and are adding additional ways of earning Coins. Overall, we expect players to see more coins and value relative to previous iterations going forward. We intend to continue to tune these numbers moving forward to get into the right spot.

More Skins for Sale

In the new Bounty Store, each skin will still be on sale for the same three day window, but we will keep a rotating stock of 3 skins, staggered such that 1 skin will change each day.

Bounty Store Event Exclusive

In addition, players who purchase an Event or Crossover Pass will have access to another skin for the duration of the Event. This slot will only be available to players that have purchased the current Pass, though the skin itself may be available through other methods such as Chests or Direct Purchase. Please note that this slot remains consistent during the Pass and does not rotate out or have limited quantities.
Keep checking back with each new Event or Crossover Pass to see the new skin that becomes available!

Twitch Drops

  • Linking
    • First, make sure your account is linked to Twitch, so you can earn points for watching Paladins on approved streaming channels.
  • Viewing
    • Gain 48 Bounty Coins for every 4 hours of stream viewing.

For more information on Twitch Drops in Paladins and FAQ visit our blog here.

Additional Coin Earning

  • Starting in the gen:LOCK patch, we’ve implemented a new feature where players will have the option of watching ads in-game to earn Gold, Bounty Coins, and other rewards. Now we know you probably have a few questions and we wanted to be upfront and clear about a few things:
    • These ads are completely optional. Players that would like to earn rewards via this new feature will need to click the new “Earn Free Rewards!” button on the home menu and opt in for an ad to start playing. If you don’t opt in, you’ll never see an ad and your Paladins experience will be the same as always. We will never add forced or unskippable ads to Paladins, ever.
    • Ads shown are of a quality and standard that you’d see on TV or other mainstream video service providers or streaming platforms. Nothing cheap or sketchy.
    • If you watch an ad, you will always receive a reward. Every ad watched will award 100 Gold and you can also earn other rewards like Bounty Coins and Boosters for watching multiple ads.

Bounty Marketplace Update

Today we’re super excited to announce the return of the Online Marketplace, new and improved with loads of new quality of life features to make buying, selling, and trading skins you’ve picked up with Bounty Coins easier. Here’s a list of new features and improvements for the marketplace.

  • A brand new interface that updates in real time. There is no longer any need to reload the site to see if a price drops.
  • The only sale that is shown at any time is the one that is the lowest cost and oldest
  • The site is now available on mobile browsers
  • Various backend changes have been made to optimize the site