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Trick-or-treat, Champions!

We know you’ve been asking about when you’ll be able to snag yourselves our second set of Community Avatars for 2021 – well the answer is now!

Starting today, play any 2 (non-bot) games of the same mode in a row to get one chest roll.

You can earn up to 4 chest rolls per day!


  • 2 x Team Deathmatch in a row = 1 roll
  • 2 x Siege in a row = 1 roll
  • 2 x Onslaught in a row = 1 roll
  • 2 x Ranked in a row = 1 roll

This not only gives you a chance at all the Hallowed Avatars and Autumn Maeve but a second chance at all of the Paladins Anniversary Avatars inside as well.

Event Details:

  • Starts – Monday, October 18, 2021 @ 12PM EST
  • Ends – Monday, November 1, 2021 @ 12PM EST

Best of luck to all on adding every one of these to their in-game collection!

And a special thank you to the Community Artists who were our finalists in both these programs:

Anniversary Program Finalists –

Fall Program Finalists –