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Welcome back Champions!

This past weekend we served up some 2X Champion XP to give you all a start at getting your VII to level 50 and snagging his Golden skin!

This week may be a little more quiet but we still are keepin’ the ball rolling.

Assembly of Champions 2022 Announcement

  • Make sure to be on the lookout on Paladins social channels for news on who you voted in from the Community to represent you in this year’s AoC Council! The announcement will also be live on Paladins Official Assembly of Champions webpage when ready!

Themed Fan Art Friday

  • CALLING ALL FAN ARTISTS! With the Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass now live, we want to have a special art showcase of the mascot of it all, LUCIPURR! Make sure to use the #PaladinsArt on Twitter for your chance to be featured!

We’ll see you in the Realm!

LIMITED TIME MODE – Aerial Acrobatics

  • Vertical mobility at its finest! Take to the skies with this frenetic game mode as Maeve, Willo, or Evie. All cooldowns are reduced by 50% and the movement range is increased by 50%. The jump height is increased by 500% and the gravity is reduced by 50%.
    • Live: Friday, February 4th at 12AM EST
    • Ends: Monday, February 7th at 12AM EST

Weekly Champion Rotation

***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***

  • Inara
  • Imani
  • Zhin
  • Pip