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New Champion: Betty La Bomba, The Bomb Queen

She had it all. The brains, the looks, the POWER. None of the other border lords dared defy her wishes, and her wish was for EVERYTHING. She designed and commissioned the creation of living weapons: bombs meant to bring her enemies’ defenses crumbling down and her foes to their knees. What she didn’t expect was for one of her newly-created bombs to develop a mind of its own, such as it was.

Having lost her domain to the rampant explosions of this new “Bomb King”, Betty la Bomba has determined that it is time for her creation to return to his rightful place, under her thumb. Whether that is as her partner in expanding her new rule or as bits of scrap for her new toys has yet to be determined. NOTHING will stand in the way of her gadgets and explosives as The Bomb Queen reestablishes herself as the RIGHTFUL ruler of the realm.



  • Damage


  • 2100
[Weapon] Grenade Launcher
Fire a grenade from your launcher that can bounce and explodes after 2s, dealing 510 damage in a small area. The grenade deals 550 damage and has a larger area of effect if you hit an enemy directly.
[Alt-Fire] Cluster Grenade
Launch a grenade that creates additional secondary explosives based on the number of enemy targets hit. The initial explosion deals 250 damage in an area after 0.4s and secondary explosions deal 500 damage in an area after 3s. The grenade can spawn up to 6 additional explosives.
[Ability 1] Hail of Bombs
Send out a magazine chalk full of explosives that spray upward and outward to land randomly in a large area around where it deploys. Each explosive does 390 damage in a 20 unit radius.
[Ability 2] Explosive Personality
Jump forwards and upwards, damaging and knocking back enemies caught behind and below you. You can use this ability up to three times before it goes on Cooldown. Each blast deals 300 damage to enemies within 35 units.
[Ultimate] Long Live the Queen
Summon the biggest bomb in your arsenal and hop on, gaining the ability to control your flight. Hitting an enemy will cause an explosion, dealing 1700 damage and knocking the enemy and you away from each other. Reactivate this ability or fire to send the rocket flying out in a straight line towards where you are looking.


[Default] Fiery Disposition
Explosive damage sets enemies on fire for 3% of their maximum Health every second for 1.5s. Additional hits refresh the duration. (0.3% max Health every 0.15s)
[Level 2] Controlled Fury
Reduce the range of Hail of Bombs by 50%, concentrating the explosions in a smaller area, and reduce the Cooldown of Hail of Bombs by 2s.
[Level 8] Gotta Bounce
Reduce the Cooldown of Explosive Personality by 6s, but reduce your Movement Speed by 15% and decrease the effectiveness of your Explosive Personality.

Cards – Weapon/Armor

Creator’s Claim
Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}.
A Lost Realm
Increase the area of effect of all your explosions by {2|2}%.
Labor of Genius
Increase the time before your Inhand Grenades explode by {10|10}%. (25s CD)
Eureka Moment
Generate 1 ammo for every {2500|-200} explosive damage done.

Cards – Cluster Grenade

Queen’s Reign
Reduce the Cooldown of Cluster Grenade by {0.1|0.1}s for each enemy hit by the initial and secondary explosions.
Stunning Entrance
Heal for {10|10} for each enemy hit by the initial and secondary explosions.
From Betty with Love
Increase the explosion radius of Cluster Bomb’s initial explosion by {7|7}%.
Ride the Rocket
Increase the base damage done to Shield and Deployables by your Cluster Grenade’s explosions by {30|30}.

Cards – Hail of Bombs

You Can Run
Increase the explosion radius of Hail of Bombs’ explosives by {10|10}%.
You Can Hide
Increase your Movement Speed by {15|15}% for 2s after activating Hail of Bombs.
I’ll Find You
Increase the travel speed of Hail of Bombs when deploying it by {15|15}%.
And You Will Explode
Reduce the Cooldown of Explosive Personality by {6|6}% after activating Hail of Bombs.

Cards – Explosive Personality

Queen’s Entrance
Increase the lateral movement from each use of Explosive Personality by {10|10}%.
Fire from Above
Increase the vertical movement from each use of Explosive Personality by {10|10}%.
Bouncing Betty
Heal for {20|20} after activating Explosive Personality.
Stylish Destruction
Increase your Air Control for 2s after using Explosive Personality by {20|20}%.


Queen of Diamonds (Limited)

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2022
  • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2022 has finished.


Royal Explosive

  • Can be purchased for 60,000 Gold or 300 Crystals (Season Pass 2022 holders will automatically unlock this skin)


Golden Betty La Bomba

  • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with Betty La Bomba




MVP Poses


Your Queen – Available with Season Pass 2022

Monstercat Crossover Pass

Get ready to drop the beat! Monstercat music makes its way to the Realm in our special Monstercat Crossover Pass! This Crossover Pass offers 30 levels of pulse-pounding rewards, including GG Magree Skye (voiced by the hit artist herself) as an instant unlock for purchasing!

The Monstercat Crossover Pass can be purchased for 500 Crystals. Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content instantly!


Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Crossover Pass Purchasers)

  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost
  • GG Magree Skye

Level 9 Unlock

  • Justin OH Khan

Level 20 Unlock

  • VIP Justin OH Khan

Level 30 Unlock

  • VIP GG Magree Skye


Other Crossover Pass Exclusive Unlocks

Animated Avatar – Justin OH Khan (Level 4)

3D Spray – Feel the Beat (Level 8)

Animated Avatar – Monstercat Vibe (Level 11)

Death Stamp – Monstercat (Level 16)

Avatar – WHIPPED CREAM Cassie (Level 19)

Animated Avatar – GG Magree Skye (Level 23)

Loading Frame – Bass Drop (Level 25)

Avatar – Bossfight Koga (Level 26)

Animated Spray – GG Chibi (Level 29)

Trials of the Realm

New Trials and rewards await you with the release of the Monstercat patch! Complete these challenges each week to unlock a variety of cosmetics, currency, and XP rewards.


  • 150 Crystals
  • 100,000 Gold
  • 1x Event Pass Level
  • 4,000 Bounty Coins
  • Gold Chest
  • Flair and Style Chests
  • Event Pass Team Boosters
  • Skin Boosters
  • Monstercat Title

Skin – Crash King 47

Emote – Knee Slapper

MVP – Hunker Down

Static Spray – Scratch

Static Spray – Long Live the Queen

Warder’s Gate Map Update

Developer Commentary:
With the update to Warder’s Gate we wanted to push some of the original goals of the map a bit further. Namely we wanted to improve upon the contrast that develops between the two sides of the map as this empty Warder City, with it’s protective enchantments fading, is slowly consumed by nature.

We’ve cranked up the clean, shining opulence of the intact side of the map by adding more golden details into the architecture and focusing on dragon and scale themed ornamentation. The skybox on this side also better reflects our original vision of the map being just one part of a larger city, additional buildings can be seen covering the surrounding hillsides still untouched and gleaming.

On the natural side, more vines, leaves, moss and sap have been pulled in to emphasize nature taking control of the area. A few dragon skulls are affixed to buildings, another reminder that even these great beasts are subject to the whims of nature and so too is the city.

We’ve used glowing crystal pillars to help emphasize the location and importance of the capture point with a unique landmark. And we’ve updated the water in the map to use the more stylized material treatment we’ve applied to more recent maps. We hope you enjoy this updated take on the Warder’s Gate map.


Pandemonium VII

  • Available in Pandemonium Chest



  • Available via Prime Gaming on April 7th, 2022 – May 5th, 2022


Bossfight Koga

  • Available via Prime Gaming on May 5th, 2022 – June 2nd, 2022


Crash King 48

  • Available as rotating skin in Bounty Store


Feathered Fiend Mount

  • Available for DLC Purchase


Holiday Avatars & Sprays

  • Easter 2022
  • Ramadan 2022
  • 5th Anniversary


DantheBros Avatar Set #2

General Updates

Antiheal Scaling Update

  • The Antiheal being automatically applied to your weapon attacks is getting a bit of a change. New timing is as follows:
    • Siege
      • Base level 25%, scaling 5% every 60s to a maximum of 90%
        • 60s ➡️ 50s
    • Onslaught and King of the Hill
      • Base level 25%, scaling 5% every 45s to a maximum of 90%
        • 45s ➡️ 40s
        • We are investigating distinguishing Onslaught and KotH for the purposes of this Antiheal scaling.
    • Team Deathmatch is not seeing any timing changes this update.
  • Note: We still intend to implement a visual indicator for how much Antiheal is currently in the match on the in-match scoreboard.


Menu Themes

  • We wanted to bring more of the music that’s been composed for Paladins into an option that’s selectable by users. The answer? Menu Themes. Essentially, these would be used in place of a traditional music pack, but are more lightweight (not playing in every place the packs would). Doing this allows us to utilize more of the music we have, where some might not have had all the pieces for a full music pack.
  • Some of these are restricted by their license, but essentially, if Themes are purchasable until a certain date, then anyone who buys it before then will keep it. Other themes are only Useable until a certain date, in which case we’ll find ways for players to earn them or give them away – we won’t let you spend money on a Theme and then disable it down the road.


Ranked Map Rotation

  • With the Warder’s Gate update, we’ll be rotating that map out of ranked, and instead bring back Timber Mill.



  • Megaton
    • Apply a Knockback of {250|250} to enemies hit by Blast Shot.
      • 250|250 ➡️ 175|175


  • Wall Running
    • Koga can run up walls.
      • 400 ➡️ 525
  • Submachine Guns Damage Falloff
    • These guns have a maximum Ammo count of 70 and are fully effective up to 80 units.
      • 83 ➡️ 75


  • Binary Star
    • Refire Time on Star Splitter with Binary Star talent
      • .4 ➡️ .5


  • Magnums/In Pursuit
    • Reduce the screenshake for both Magnum fire and In Pursuit
      • 15% reduction


  • Distortion Field
    • Enemy Ground Speed Debuff Increase
      • 10% ➡️ 15%
  • Asymmetrical Warfare
    • Change the healing to allies and damage to enemies while inside of the distortion field
      • Healing 100 ➡️ 125
      • Damage 125➡️200


  • Vivify
    • Change to her Immunity state when casting Vivify
      • Damage Immunity while casting Vivify ➡️ 50% Damage Reduction while casting Vivify
  • Sigil
    • Projectile and Damage changes
      • Damage 450 ➡️ 435
      • Projectile Speed 275 ➡️ 250


  • Heavy SMG / Mag Dump
    • Damage change to the Mag Dump fire mode
      • 475 ➡️ 450
  • Decree 77
    • Change the timing on the initial mark for Decree 77
      • Timing change Reduced time to mark enemies while Ulting by 50%
  • Explosive Dodge
    • Change the deployed time for VII’s bombs
      • 15s ➡️ 6s


  • Burn Monster
    • Changing the effects of Burn, Monster!
      • The talent no longer cripples enemies

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where Ash’s Burst Cannon weapon would not always deal the correct amount of damage to enemies on a direct hit.


  • Fixed an issue where Azaan’s Ultimate, Deliverance, could apply its knockback effect to enemies who were immune to Crowd Control.


  • Fixed an issue where Koga’s Exile skin was not purchasable for Gold or Crystals.


  • Fixed an issue where Octavia’s Commander skin was not purchasable for Gold or Crystals.


  • Fixed an issue where Talus’ Rune of Travel ability could allow him to manually reactivate it to teleport back to its location while being pulled by Khan’s Ultimate, Overpower.


  • Fixed an issue where Tiberius’ Beast Slayer skin was not purchasable for Gold or Crystals.


  • Fixed an issue where Vatu’s Ambush ability could allow him to teleport into enemy Spawn Rooms.
  • Fixed an issue where Vatu’s Sorrow skin was not purchasable for Gold or Crystals.


  • Fixed an issue where Vora’s Herald skin was not purchasable for Gold or Crystals.


  • Fixed an issue where Yagorath’s Graveworm skin was not purchasable for Gold or Crystals.


General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Autobuy would reset for Console players whenever they closed and reopened their client.
  • Fixed various audio issues that could cause sound effects to play more quietly than expected when playing behind the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the purchase flow for the Siege: Beyond item store did not take the player to the purchase button properly when using Gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access the Undo button in the Siege: Beyond item store when using Gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where the Credit gain message associated with the Prosperity item in Siege: Beyond was missing a message string.
  • Fixed some collision issues on both Stone Keep Night and Stone Keep Day maps, the Magistrate’s Archives map, and the Jaguar Falls map.
  • Fixed some texture issues on low settings on the Marauder’s Port map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Purchase button would remain visible but unusable for a cosmetic in the Accessories screen after you had already purchased the item.
  • Fixed an issue where the 2D art for both Stone Keep maps displayed incorrectly in Ranked and Practice queues.

PTS Balance Changes and Bug Fixes




Betty la Bomba

  • General
    • Base Health 2100 -> 2200
  • Abilities
    • Grenade Launcher
      • Indirect hits
        • Effect radius 5 → 7 units
        • Effective radius 4 → 5 units
      • Direct hits
        • Damage 550 → 600
    • Long Live the Queen
      • Projectile Speed 57 units/s -> 70 units/s
        • This now matches the speed of Betty while she is riding her rocket
  • Talents
    • Gotta Bounce
      • Removed the effectiveness decrease to Explosive Personality
      • Now reads: “Reduce the Cooldown of Explosive Personality by 6s, but reduce your Movement Speed by 15%.”
  • Cards
    • Bouncing Betty
      • Increased scaling 20|20 → 30|30
    • Queen’s Entrance
      • Increased scaling 10|10 → 40|40
    • Fire From Above
      • Increased Scaling 10|10 → 40|40


  • Added damage falloff to his Judgement (inhand). Now fully effective up to 105 units.


  • Abilities
    • Sigil
      • Reverted the Damage change.
        • Increased the damage from 435 → 450



  • Added an indicator to the scoreboard for the current value of Antihealing in the game.
  • Changed the time scaling of Antihealing in King of the Hill from 5% every 40s to 5% every 45s
  • Reintroducing Daily Login Rewards!
    • A 7 day Daily Login reward structure, that resets once a week on Tuesdays at 9 am UTC. 
    • A new reward is unlocked each day. Past rewards can be collected until the whole week is reset.
    • The rewards are:
      • Day 1: 200 Gold
      • Day 2: 400 Gold
      • Day 3: 600 Gold
      • Day 4: 800 Gold
      • Day 5: 1000 Gold 
      • Day 6: 10 Crystals
      • Day 7: 15 Crystals
  • Updated the requirements of a few challenges in the Trials of the Realm based on feedback.


Bug Fixes


  • Azaan
    • Fixed an issue where Azaan’s Judgement weapon was dealing more than its intended maximum damage at a specific distance from his target.
  • Betty La Bomba
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Grenade Launcher weapons had visual errors when fired while the client’s Texture Detail setting was set to High or lower.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Golden Grenade Launcher was not displaying Golden Kill VFX when killing an enemy.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Hail of Bombs ability deployable would be invisible if the Betty was controlled by AI.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Hail of Bombs ability would cause enemies hit by it to display as though they were slowed when they were not.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Ultimate, Long Live the Queen, was not displaying the attached VFX correctly on the projectile.
    • Fixed various other animation issues with Betty.
    • Fixed several locations in the game where Betty’s name was cut off after “la”. We have shortened her name to “Betty” in these locations for consistency.
    • Fixed an issue where one of Betty’s default Loadouts had a card level total that did not add up to 15.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s footsteps were inaudible to enemies.
    • Fixed an issue where players who did not own Betty were unable to create Loadouts for her.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Weapon Inspect animation would not play properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Royal Explosive skin played the music from Digitized Bomb King’s Ultimate when using her Ultimate, Long Live the Queen.
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Ultimate, Long Live the Queen, would display its VFX through walls for all players.
    • Fixed an issue where the Season Pass 2022 DLC was not giving the player all of the intended items associated with Betty.
    • Fixed an issue where the Champions Pack and the Founders Pack were not properly giving the player Betty.
    • Updated some Betty card text for clarification.
  • Moji
    • [LIVE] Fixed a description error on Moji’s Snack Attack talent not stating the Health Pack healed all allies on pickup.
  • Rei
    • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Rei’s Spirit Link ability would slow enemies that were Immune to Crowd Control.
    • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Ultimate, Vivify, was providing her 0% Damage Reduction while she was casting it instead of the intended 50%.
  • VII
    • [LIVE] Reduced the amount of VFX on screen for enemies hit by the Ice-infused Automatic firing mode from VII’s Heavy SMG weapon when he had the Tribunal Upgrades talent equipped.
    • Fixed an issue where VII’s Pandemonium skin played a very loud bang sound when previewed on the Home screen.
    • Updated the description for VII’s Tribunal Upgrades talent to make it more concise.
  • Zhin
    • [LIVE] Fixed an issue where Zhin’s Counter ability could counter the reveal pulses from Yagorath’s Primal Vision ability.


  • Fixed an issue where the Trials of the Realm hubs were missing Lore Blurbs.
  • Fixed various issues with certain challenges in the Trials of the Realm not progressing.
  • Fixed an issue where AI were not purchasing items in Siege Training.
  • Fixed an issue where a few skin descriptions incorrectly stated where they could be acquired.
  • Fixed various text issues with the Crossover Pass.

Hotfix #1

Live April 6, 2022

Bug Fixes


  • Betty la Bomba
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Grenade Launcher weapon fire was significantly delayed on ping.
  • Bomb King
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to equip the Crash King 47 skin if they acquired it from Trials of the Realm.
  • Saati
    • Fixed an issue where Saati’s Dead Ringer ability could rarely cause an instance crash.
  • Tyra
    • Fixed an issue where Tyra’s Burn, Monster! Talent was still applying a Cripple effect to enemies.


  • WHIPPED CREAM Cassie will be available on April 7 via Prime Gaming
  • Fixed some collision issues with lamp posts and fences on the Stone Keep (Night) and Stone Keep (Day) maps
  • Fixed various Trials challenges not progressing.
  • Updated the GG Magree “Deja Reve” Menu Theme to include the track’s vocals.
  • Updated the names and descriptions of the Monstercat Menu Themes to include the names of the tracks playing for each theme