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Heads up, Champions! 

With the upcoming Update, we will be making some changes to the current free Champions available to players. Listed below are the current free Champions available as well as the new Champions who will be brought into the free selection. 



  • Viktor (current)
  • Cassie → Tiberius


  • Lex (current)


  • Ruckus → Khan
  • Add Ash (new)


  • Seris (current)
  • Jenos → Furia

We believe that some current free Champions lack a clear identity when it comes to performing their intended role. We have selected Champions who we feel are better suited as gateway Champions for new players trying to fulfill a certain role, particularly Frontliners, with the addition of a second option. 

The Gold & Deluxe Editions of Paladins will be updated to accommodate these changes:

Gold Edition

  • Remove Ash
  • FuriaJenos

Deluxe Edition

  • KhanRuckus
  • TiberiusCassie

Does that mean I will need to purchase these Champions?

Players who have created an account before this change goes live will be able to permanently keep the once free Champions. So no one will lose access to Champions they have mastered, purchased skins for, fallen in love with, etc.

Purchases of the champions prior to them going free will not be refunded, so please keep this in mind before spending your hard-earned Gold or Crystals on one of these soon-to-be-free Champions.

When do these changes go live?

With the next Update!

See you in the Realm, Champions!