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New Champion: Caspian, The Thief of Hearts (and Treasure)

There are few still alive with the skill… the alluring performance — nay! the enrapturing, dazzling SPECTACLE that is what sights behold you when witnessing this dashing rogue’s deadly skills and quicksilver tongue in action. Blessed with arcane weapons and years of streetwise knowledge and training, he takes what he wants and gives some of it away – if he likes you, of course. 

Recently finding himself in possession of an abyssal artifact most would deem too dangerous to handle (Hey, it was just lying around!), Caspian, Thief of Hearts (and Treasure) will have his work cut out for him to survive what comes next. 

The pursuit of hedonistic perfection is a dangerous occupation, but when has that ever stopped anyone?



  • Flank


  • 2100
[Weapon] Love
Consume 3 ammo to fire your gun once every 0.85s, dealing 350 damage per shot and Slowing enemies hit by 10% for 2s, stacking up to 3 times. Fully effective up to 100 units. Love shares an Ammo pool with War. Passive: Piercing Momentum – Hitting an enemy with Love gives you a stack of Piercing Momentum, increasing the rate of fire of War by 8% for 5s. Maximum of 5 stacks and each stack expires independently.
[Alt-Fire] War
Attack with your Rapier in a chain of attacks, dealing up to 350 damage per hit to enemies. Fully effective up to 65 units. War shares an Ammo pool with Love. Passive: Sharp Momentum – Hitting an enemy with War gives you a stack of Sharp Momentum, increasing the rate of fire of Love by 8% for 5s. Maximum of 5 stacks and each stack expires independently.
[Ability 1]Rogue’s Tempo
Shoot out a Piercing projectile that travels more quickly based on the total number of your Piercing and Sharp Momentum stacks. Deals 750 damage and stuns enemies hit for 0.7s.
[Ability 2]Deadly Momentum
Twirl towards your crosshair, dealing 300 damage and knocking back enemies hit during the dash. At the end of the dash, stop and whirl in place, dealing 450 damage to enemies in an area and reduce the Cooldown of this ability by 1s for each enemy hit. While dashing, the damage you take is reduced by 30%. You can reactivate this ability early to stop and whirl sooner.
[Ultimate] Storm of Blades
Summon 5 Ethereal swords around you. Each time you use fire use Love or War, fire off one sword that Pierces all enemies hit, dealing 800 damage per projectile.



[Default] Measured Cadence
Fire a weaker copy of Rogue’s Tempo forward from your crosshairs for every 6 Ammo consumed.
[Level 2] Everywhere at Once
The Cooldown of Deadly Momentum is permanently set to 5s and cannot be modified, reduced, or increased through other means. Gain 1 stack of Piercing and Sharp Momentum for each enemy hit with Deadly Momentum.
[Level 8] It’s got some heft
Increase the Range and Damage of War, but decrease its rate of fire. War’s attacks now Pierce enemies and deal an additional 20% damage to each enemy hit for each enemy hit in total with your attack.


Cards – War

Both sides of the coin
Extend the duration of Piercing Momentum stacks gained by hitting with War by {12|12}%.
Shining Example
Heal for {15|15} after hitting an enemy with War.
Crown of Swords
Increase your Reload Speed by {7|7}% for 3s after hitting an enemy with War.
The Rose’s Thorns
Each stack of Piercing Momentum Heals you for {30|30} after it expires.

Cards – Love

He shot first
Extend the duration of Sharp Momentum stacks gained by hitting with Love by {12|12}%.
Rogues of a Feather
Heal for {15|15} after hitting an enemy with Love.
The Finer Things
Increase your Movement Speed by {12|12}% for 3s after hitting an enemy with Love.
Shoot and Dash
Each stack of Sharp Momentum grants you a {40|40} Shield for 3s after it expires.


Cards – Rogue’s Tempo

Casual Competency
Hitting an enemy with Rogue’s Tempo grants you {1|1} stacks of Piercing Momentum and Sharp Momentum.
A Brief Respite
Reduce the Cooldown of Deadly Momentum by {1|1}s after hitting at least one enemy with Rogue’s Tempo.
In the thick of it
Generate {3|3} Ammo after hitting at least one enemy with Rogue’s Tempo.
Shady Dealings
Gain {2|2} credits for each enemy Champion hit with Rogue’s Tempo.


Cards – Deadly Momentum

Reduce the Cooldown of Deadly Momentum by {0.7|0.7}s for each enemy hit by it.
Deadly Flourish
Increase the travel speed of Deadly Momentum by {8|8}%.
Swift Strikes
Increase the travel distance of Deadly Momentum by {5|5}%.
Spin to win
Increase the size of the reactivation whirl of Deadly Momentum by {8|8}%.


Change of Heart Caspian (Limited)

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2022
  • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2022 has finished.


Free Spirit Caspian

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2022
  • Can be purchased directly for 300c/60,000g


Golden Caspian

  • Reach level 50 with Caspian



At Your Service – Available with 2022 Season Pass

MVP Poses


Thoroughly Engaged – Available with 2022 Season Pass


Tap into power from beyond the stars in our latest Event Pass – Starforged! Instantly unlock the Cosmic Titan Terminus skin for purchasing, and unlock a total of 24 levels of rewards as you play!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Starforged Event Pass instantly!


Instant Unlock

  • 50% Experience & Gold Boost
  • Cosmic Titan Terminus

Level 12 Unlock

  • Mei Zhin

Level 21 Unlock

  • Nova Mei Zhin

Level 24 Unlock

  • Super Nova Terminus


Other Event Pass Exclusive Unlocks

  • Animated Avatar – Io Love You


  • Static Avatar – Stellar Gaze


  • Static Spray – Eyes of Eternity


  • Static Avatar -Echoes of Ascension


  • Animated Spray – Ponder
  • Yagorath Emote – Carnage Dance


  • Loading Frame – Cosmic Forces


Trials of the Realm


  • 300 Crystals
  • 120,000 Gold
  • 6x Event Pass Levels
  • Event Pass Team Boosters
  • Skin Boosters

MVP – Peek A Boo

Static Avatar – Feeling Cute

Animated Avatar – A-Vora-Ble

Static Spray – Cosmic Cuteness

Loading Frame – Big Smile

Announcer Pack – Saati

3D Spray – Black Hole

Limited Time Modes

The Constellations patch will feature 3 unique and 4 previously popular modes that rotate throughout the patch cycle. Each week there will be a different limited time mode available, from midnight Friday until 8am on Monday, EST. Here’s are some quick previews of what to expect next:

Rogues in Rouge

  • Unleash chaos and thievery in this Caspian-only mode, featuring all abilities reduced by 20% on a variety of maps!

Floor is Lava

  • Don’t slip! Try and reach the high ground in this special variation on Primal Court, with moving lava that deals damage over time!

Cards to the Max

  • Your power knows no limits! All equipped champion cards are upgraded to level 7 in this chaotic mode on Team Deathmatch maps!


 Yellow Jacket Willow


Cuddly Yagorath

  • Diamond Trove Chest & Direct Purchase for 800c


Pale Eyes Frost Dragon

  • Refer – A – Friend


Interstellar Stallion

  • DLC



Golden Viktor

  • Reach Mastery Level 50 on Viktor



Golden Tyra

  • Reach Mastery Level 50 on Tyra



  • Diamond Trove Expansion
    • Cuddly Yagorath


General Updates

Daily Quest Improvements

Secret internal data suggests that many players never do quests or get the rewards, so we’ve made some changes to the system to both better surface Quests, and also made some changes to how it works.

  • 3 Quests that are randomly Easy or Hard will now instead be
    • 3 Easy Quests Per Day
    • 2 Hard Quests Day
    • A Bonus reward for completing Quests in streaks of 1, 2, or 3 weeks

This will increase the max daily rewards.

Current rewards:

  • 300,000 XP
  • 1,500 Gold
  • 180 Bounty Coins

New Rewards:

  • 375,030 XP
  • 1,965 Gold
  • 225 Bounty Coins

Schism 3 – Siege of Ascension Peak

We’ve long heard community requests to bring back some game modes out of Paladin’s history. Looks like Atlas managed to conjure this one out of the ether, so in lieu of a 3rd Siege: Beyond variant, we hope you’ll enjoy this blast from the past!

  • Join the fight and turn the tide of battle in favor of the Paladins, or defeat Jenos on behalf of House Aico. Players will be assigned to represent either the Paladins or the Magistrate. Your mastery of each Champion will see you through to victory! Be Careful! Magistrate forces have Ascension Peak under constant fire. Dodge the explosives crashing down all around you. The ascendance of Jenos has affected the battlefield. All Champions have 15% Cooldown Reduction–can you handle your newfound power?

Ranked Split Updates

Split Rewards

Ranked Map Rotation

  •  For this ranked rotation, we will be removing Fish Market, Ice Mines, and Timber Mill, and bringing back the new Warder’s Gate rework.
  • This patch’s casual siege rotation has also been modified to accommodate this change. In other words, while all casual maps will remain playable, some map percentages have been lowered and increased in-line with the current ranked rotation and community feedback.

Balance Changes


  • Talent
    • Cursed Revolver
      • Duration reduced from 2s ➡️ 1.3s
      • Base Damage increased from 10  ➡️ 11
      • Damage increase per tick increased from +1/tick ➡️ 1.5/tick


  • Abilities
    • Fire Spit
      • Projectile Size increased from 3 ➡️ 4.2
    • Thrust
      • Increased forward distance by 87.5% at base.
    • Propel
      • Current Increased the forward distance of Thrust by {25|25}%.
      • New ➡️: Restore {10|10}% of your maximum Booster fuel after using Thrust.


  • Abilities
    • Blink
      • ➡️ Now heals for 100 after casting.
  • Cards
    • Avalanche
      • Increase your Movement Speed by {8|8}% for 4s after getting an Elimination. ➡️ 6s
    • Cold Blooded
      • Reduce the Cooldown of Ice Block by {1|1}s ➡️ (1.25s|1.25}s
    • Flicker
      • Heal for {50|50} after using Blink. ➡️ {30|30}
    • Frigid Field
      • Heal for {50|50} every 1s while Ice Block is active. ➡️ {60|60}
    • Howling Gale
      • Increase your Movement Speed by {10|10}% for 4s after Ice Block ends ➡️ {15|10}%


  • Cards
    • Criminal Record
      • Reduce energy gain on Killing Blows {15|15}% ➡️ {12.5%|12.5%}
    • Gale Storm
      • Gain {5|5}% Lifesteal while in Dragon Stance. ➡️ {3.5% | 3.5%)


  • Ability
    • Heart of Crimson
      • ➡️ No longer causes knockback.


  • Talent
    • Half Shell
      • Now also reduces cooldown from 14s ➡️ 12s


  • Ability
    • Gourd
      • Area Damage increased from 45 / 0.2s ➡️ 55 / 0.2s.


  • Ability
    • Dead Ringer
      •  Landing a killing blow on the Dead Ringer decoy will reveal that enemy to Saati for 3s ➡️ 0.5s
    • Cards
      • Designer Armor
        • Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}hp ➡️ {40|40}hp
      • Hide
        • Increase the duration of Saati’s invisibility by {0.15|0.15}s ➡️ {0.125|0.125}s after deployment of Dead Ringer.


  • Talent
    • Debilitate
      • Increase the damage done by Poison Bolts by 25% and the rate at which they deal damage by 100%. ➡️ 75%


  • Abilities
    • Flare
      • Cooldown sped up from 15s ➡️ 12s
    • Flashbang
      • Damage Increased from 150 ➡️ 250


  • Ability
    • Shadow Bombs
      • Cooldown sped up from 10s ➡️ 8s


  • Ability
    • Heavy SMG
      • Automatic
        • Reduced damage from 210 ➡️ 200


  • Talent
    • Life Exchange
      • Healing Increased 700 ➡️ 800
      • ➡️ No longer increases the cooldown by 1s.
  • Cards
    • Efficiency
      • Reduce the Cooldown of Dimensional Link by {1|1}s. ➡️ {1.25|1.25)

Bug Fixes


  • Androxus
    • Fixed an issue where the animations for Androxus’ Revolver weapon were not in sync with the Godslayer or Defiant Fist talent equipped.
  • Betty La Bomba
    • Fixed an issue where Betty’s Ultimate, Long Live the Queen, could be canceled early by Khan’s Commander’s Grab ability.
  • Bomb King
    • Fixed an issue where the Twitch Prime King skin would not display properly in 1P.
  • Cassie
    • Fixed an issue where Cassie’s Crossbow could clip through her model badly during certain emotes.
  • Corvus
    • Fixed an issue with some of Qrow Branwen’s animations.
    • Fixed an issue where using Corvus’ emotes in specific ways could cause his weapon to disappear in 3P.
  • Saati
    • Fixed an issue where Saati’s Ricochet ability could target Ethereal targets.
  • Talus
    • Fixed an issue where the cloud in Talus’ Nimbus Emote could disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • Yagorath
    • Addressed an issue where Yagorath could miss her Ultimate, Devour, more often than expected.


  • Fixed an issue where audio effects from Champions would not play correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Friends List count counted friend requests.
  • Fixed an issue where turning on Autobuy in a match could cause players to spend more Credits than they had available.

Known Issues

  • Trials of the Realm on Frog Isle, playing with Terminus will not update the 15k Damage with Reanimate is not updating correctly
  • Trials of the Realm on Jaguar Falls, playing with Moji will not update the Use Snack Time 5 Times