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Attention Champions!

What better way to celebrate the fall season than with friends… and Crystals, of course! The Good Friends Event will be taking place this weekend and is the perfect opportunity for players to earn extra Gold and XP!

We’ve even got a Crystal Storm on its way taking place during the Event. Players will be able to earn Crystals during the Crystal Storm for that skin they’ve been eyeing!

Good Friends Event

The Good Friends Event will be taking place from Sept. 30th until Oct. 7th. During the Event, players will have:

  • All Champs unlocked during the Event
  • 2x Gold
  • 2x Account XP

Crystal Storm

A Crystal Storm will also be taking place during the event from Oct. 1st until Oct. 3rd.

Play any 2 of the same game modes to get one of the 4 rewards every day.

Example: Playing 2 (non-bot) games of Team Deathmatch in a row (win or loss) will grant you 10 Crystals.

Players will be able to earn up to 40 Crystals per day if you play all 4 modes, 2 times in a row. You MUSTplay 2 (non-bot) games of each Siege, Team Deathmatch, Onslaught, and Ranked to receive all possible Crystals. If you receive all 4 rewards daily, you can earn a total of 120 Crystals at the end of the event!

Use the extra Crystals to level up your Constellations Event Pass, or save them for when the Last Remains Update hits the Realm!

We’ll see you in the Realm, Champs!