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Attention, Champions!

We’ve heard your feedback and appreciate all who participated in the Dawnforge PTS. Listed below are the changes we have implemented based on feedback and results from the PTS. Check them out and let us know what you think!



  • Kill to Heal
      • Now ignores Anti-Healing
      Healing amount reduced to {250|500|750}
  • Rejuvenate
      Bonus Healing increased from {8|16|24}% ➡️ {10|20|30}%
  • Lethality
      • Increased duration from 2.5s ➡️ 3.5s
      Now also increases Jump Height by {60|120|180}%

PTS Dev Commentary: Monitoring the PTS environment, we made the decision to bring down the strength of Kill to Heal a bit since its utility is so powerful now. We will continue to monitor its strength going forward into Live and adjust accordingly, though we are excited to see its new power level and how it will be utilized. As for Rejuvenate, the price increase was counterintuitive, as our goal was to make this item more attractive than its peers. As such, we’ve removed the price increase and retained the buff to make it a valuable tool in any given loadout.


 Betty La Bomba

  • Ability
    • Grenade Launcher
        Increased direct hit damage from 650 ➡️ 700

PTS Commentary: While the damage increase had the intended effect, with Betty – rewarding skillful shot placements – the increase was a bit too much. We’ve reduced the bonus to make sure she can’t dish out too much damage compared to other Champions.



  • Body and Soul
      • Increased Damage Reduction % from 55 ➡️ 75
  • Yokai Doll
      • Decrease targeting cone angle from 6 ➡️ 2 degrees
      • Decreased Curse stack damage bonus from 25 ➡️ 20%
      • Now deals double damage to Deployable and deployed Shields
      • Enemies with Curse stacks are now granted a Reveal on Kasumi as long as they have a Curse stack
  • Spirit Lure
    • Kasumi now faces whoever triggered it when arriving after teleporting

PTS Commentary: Kasumi is a powerful and unique Champion – though not without her frustration points, both fighting as and against her. As such, we’ve implemented some additional quality-of-life changes that will make the experience on both sides smoother when challenging the newest Champion. Dealing double damage to Deployable and deployed Shields will allow her to meaningfully contribute to fights more often, and facing whoever triggered her Spirit Lures will make her gameplay flow more consistent. On the other hand, enemies with Curse are now granted a Reveal on Kasumi – since she could be difficult to find in the heftiness of a battle with her unique weapon.


  • Ability
    • Swarm
      • Increased duration from 4.25s ➡️ 6.5s
      • Increase Cooldown from 2s ➡️ 3s
    • Death Wings
      • Can now cast while channeling Swarm

PTS Commentary: Lillith can now cast Death Wings while channeling Swarm—giving her more options when healing and allowing for some creative mobility when caught channeling.

Bug Fixes


  • Androxus
      Reverted an animation change on Androxus’ Revolver weapon.
  • Betty La Bomba
    • Fixed an issue where reactivating Betty’s Ultimate, Long Live the Queen, when in close proximity to an enemy could cause it to deal 0 damage.
  • Caspian
    • Fixed an issue where Caspian’s Deadly Momentum would have separate lock-out times depending on whether the ability was manually reactivated or not.
  • Kasumi
    • Fixed an issue where Kasumi’s Spirit Lure ability was not putting Feared enemies into 3rd person.
    • Fixed an issue where Kasumi’s Yokai Doll weapon could target some map objects.
    • Fixed an issue where Kasumi’s Yokai Doll weapon was applying the Anti-Healing effect to all enemies within her attack cone.
    • Fixed an issue where Kasumi’s Unfinished Business talent was still affected by Anti-Healing.
    • Fixed an issue where Kasumi would not gain the effects of Illuminate while her Body and Soul ability was active.
    • Fixed an issue where Kasumi’s Essence Drain card text was not properly expressing the intended effect of the card: “Your Savage Tear deals an additional [{0.2|0.2}% damage ➡️ {0.2|0.2}% base damage] per stack of Curse on your target.”
    • Addressed issues where some of Kasumi’s abilities would desync between client and server when switching targets quickly.
  • Rei
    • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Deft Magics card was reducing Cooldown timers of Rei’s other abilities even if they were not on Cooldown.
  • Terminus
    • Fixed an issue where Terminus would be unaffected by deployed effects until he left and reentered them after using his Ultimate, Reanimate.


  • Fixed an issue where placing a Spray on a ceiling would cause the Spray to appear inverted.

Under Investigation

  • Ignoring Anti-Healing
    • Effects that ignore Anti-Healing will still display the amount healed as if it has been reduced by Anti-Healing (olive color tint instead of green).