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New Champion: Nyx, Queen of the Abyss


In the far past, Nyx was once a Pyre Lord, working alongside Azaan and others in the seemingly eternal fight against the chaotic Abyss. Over time, she found herself disillusioned with the ways of the Pyre and their rigid controlling dogmas – so content to throw away countless lives in their endless wars. She would show the Pyre the power of freedom, true freedom.

Approached by the one who would eventually be known as Seris, they devised a plan for Nyx to begin her great betrayal. Nyx left the Pyre behind and traveled through one of Seris’ portals into a Lord’s fortress. Once there Nyx slew and subdued all who stood in her way in a violent bloodbath. Even the residing Lord was no match for her fury, their name lost to time – cementing Nyx as an Abyssal Lord. Her time in the Abyss has changed her physically, but she remains determined to bring a new age of chaos and freedom to the Realm. With her growing army behind her, she offers power to those who will accept it: a united front through strength and the chaos of free will – a force strong enough to overwhelm the Pyre wholly.



  • Frontline


  • 4850
[Weapon] Realm Breaker
Punch and send out energy in an attack chain of 3 lights and 2 heavies, dealing 175 damage for the first three hits and 400 damage for the last two. This chain resets to the first attack on a miss, or after not firing for 1.25s. Deal an extra 75 damage a hit if your target is within 20 units of you. Has no Ammo or Reload. Passive – Queen of Change: Nyx gains up to 20% Bonus Healing the closer she is to an Objective Point. Gain a static 10% Bonus Healing on Maps without an Objective.


[Alt-Fire] Rift Slash
Fire a 200 damage projectile that explodes on contact with enemies or after traveling 25 units. On detonation, tear open an Abyssal Rift which pulses every 0.5s for 50 damage and Slows enemies hit by 35% for 1s within 30 units. After 2 seconds, the Abyssal Rift explodes, dealing 200 damage to enemies close to the center. Nyx can hold down the activation button to channel the ability, causing the projectile to travel up to 100 units and deal up to 350 damage the longer it is channeled.
[Ability 1] Abyssal Fortress
Call forth an Abyssal Shield with up to 4500 Health at the target location, placing it up to 90 units away. The Shield is stronger the closer it is placed to you, losing 1500 Health for every 30 units its placed away from you.


[Ability 2] Royal Presence
Summon a Poisoning aura centered on you that Poisons enemies within 60 units for 5% of their max health over 6s. The aura lasts 8s, and while active any damage received is instead dealt to you equally over the next 4s – with additional damage refreshing the duration to 4s. Reactivating the ability ends it early, and fires off Abyssal Chains that deal 100 damage and pull enemies up to 50 units away towards Nyx.


[Ultimate] Chaos Nexus
Channel and tear open Abyssal Rifts that deal 100 damage and pull enemies within 50 units towards Nyx every 0.5s. After 1s, explode in Abyssal energy, dealing 600 damage to enemies within 50 units and stunning them for 2s. While channeling, gain 50% Damage Resistance, CC Immunity, and remove any damage-over-time from Royal Presence.




[Default] Show of Force
Rift Slash now knockbacks enemies hit by the projectile, and the resulting Abyssal Rift lasts 1s longer.


[Level 2] Abyssal Breach
Enemies that pass through Abyssal Fortress are Revealed and take 10% additional Weapon damage from Nyx and her allies for 3s. Reduce the Cooldown of Abyssal Fortress by 2s.


[Level 8] Subjugation
Royal Presence’s reactivation now only hits the first enemy in its path, but its Range is increased by 50% and it now Roots the enemy for 3s instead of pulling them.


Cards – Realm Breaker/Armor

True Freedom
You can miss {1|1} attacks before your chain resets. Increase the window to progress the chain by {0.05|0.05}s.


Forever Changed
Increase your maximum Health by {150|150}.


The Little Things
Reduce the Cooldown of your next Rift Slash by {0.20|0.20}s, up to a max reduction of 5s, when hitting enemies with Realm Breaker.


Devastating Blows
Increase the trigger distance of Realm Breaker’s bonus damage by {5|5} units.


Cards – Rift Slash

World Torn Asunder
Increase the speed Rift Slash travels at by {20|20}%.


Unchecked Power
Increase the slow strength of the rift’s pulses by {5|5}%.


All Will Kneel
Increase the rift’s pulse area of effect by {12|12}%.


Brutal Pursuer
Increase your Movement Speed by {4|4}% for 5s after casting Rift Slash.



Cards – Abyssal Fortress

A Swift End
Increase your fire rate by {5|5}% for 3s when passing through Abyssal Fortress.


Unbreakable Will
Reduce the Health reduction from placing Abyssal Fortress >30 units away by {20|20}%.


Frontline Commander
Increase allies and decrease enemies’ Movement Speed by {7|7}% for 4 seconds when passing through Abyssal Fortress.


Unyielding Advance
Increase Abyssal Fortress’ Health by {200|200}.



Cards – Royal Pressence

Abyssal Authority
Increase the radius of Royal Presence’s Poison aura by {20|20}%


Face to Face
Increase the pull strength of Royal Presence’s chain grab by {20|20}%.


Center of Combat
Increase the max health damage of Royal Presence’s Poison aura by {2|2}%.


The New Order
Gain a {30|30} health Shield for each enemy hit by Royal Presence’s chain grab.



Divine Matriarch Nyx (Limited)

  • Available in the Unbreakable Chest
    • Also for Direct Purchase (400c)


Crimson Queen Nyx

  • Available for Direct Purchase (300c/60,000g)


Golden Nyx

  • Reach level 50 with Nyx



Killer Queen – Flair & Style Chest or Direct Purchase (75c)

MVP Poses


Eternal Reign – Flair & Style Chest or Direct Purchase (75c)


Join Nyx with our latest Event Pass – and descend Into the Abyss! Instantly unlock the Doom Bringer Seris skin for purchasing, and unlock a total of 30 levels of rewards as you play!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Into the Abyss Event Pass instantly!


Instant Unlock

  • 50% Experience & Gold Boost
  • Doom Bringer Seris

Level 10 Unlock

  • Flame Bringer Seris

Level 20 Unlock

  • Wings of Darkness Saati

Level 29 Unlock

  • Wings of Carnage Saati


Other Event Pass Exclusive Unlocks

  • Level 3 – Abyssal Outcry Death Stamp


  • Level 6 – Queen of Hearts Spray


  • Level 8 – Malevolent Matron Avatar


  • Level 9 – Grim Laughter Spray


  • Level 13 – Bloody Brilliant Avatar
  • Level 16 – Who’s the Dummy? Death Card
  • Level 18 – Doom Bringer Spray
  • Level 19 – Into the Abyss Spray
  • Level 22 – Abyssal Salute Spray
  • Level 25 – Abyssal Outcry Avatar
  • Level 27 – Skeletal Frame Loading Frame

Trials of the Realm

We are reevaluating the Trials system, so we will not be releasing Trials for 23.1, but stay tuned for future announcements!

Limited Time Modes

The 23.1 patch will feature 1 unique and several previously popular modes that rotate throughout the patch cycle. Each week there will be a different limited time mode available, from midnight Friday until 8am on Monday, EST. Here’s are some quick previews of what to expect next:

Get Nyx-ed

Fit for a queen! All players are Nyx with 20% reduced cooldowns and 50% increased damage.

Greatest Hits

The remainder of LTMs for this patch will be made up of various modes that were popular in previous patches, including:

  • Test Maps
  • Super Random
  • Cards to the Max
  • Division
  • Knock, Knock!
  • Cosmic Death
  • Hole in One
  • It’s Treeson Then
  • Raumpage
  • Floor is Lava

Payload is BACK!

It returns! For all weekdays in which a weekend LTM is not active, from 8am Monday to Friday at midnight (EST), Payload will be active in the LTM slot instead! Return to maps like Ice Push, Outpost, and Jungle and compete to push your cart the farthest!


 Bloody Bakemono Koga

  • Available in the Bestial Rage Chest & Direct Purchase for 400c

Retro Vivian

  • Available in the Through the Ages Chest & Direct Purchase for 400c


Radiant Stars Chest (200c)

    • Stellar Sentinel Inara
    • Stellar Sorceress Imani
    • Stellar Protector Io
    • Stellar Mender Seris
  • Includes all the color variations!



General Updates

UI Overhaul

  • With this UI overhaul, the goal was to make your inventory easier to view and equip between the Profile and the Store. All game accessories are now split: what you own is found in your profile, while stuff you do not own can be found in the store. The Player Profile has also been cleaned up with less info hidden behind a popup and by reorganizing how the tabs are organized (like now you will find match history as the first tab in your Profile>Player).


  • We also updated the Landing page of the Store. Now when you open the Store under the Daily Deal, a mixture of items will appear to help promote more items to the players. Our art team makes a lot of cool things that have always been hard to find unless you know where to find them and this should help surface content. 


  • We also removed the Splash Art for skins to help with visual clarity of the game. This change makes it easier to identify which skin you’re picking in the Match Lobby, as well as what champions you are going against while in the loading screen. Unifying the look of these to appear more consistent to the in-game presentation will make the game easier to approach. We are looking at ways to incorporate the Splash Arts into the game in an alternative way.

Bounty Store

The Bounty Store & Marketplace are closing as a part of Season 6. Bounty Skins you own will be kept, and any leftover Bounty Coin & duplicate skins will be rewarded as we transition. More info on specifics coming soon!

Ranked Split Updates

This year, we intend to have 4 ranked splits of roughly 3 months each. Information on Splits and their rewards will be shared at a later date.

Season 6 Ranked Rewards

  • Play 100 Games
    • Take Ying the Point Avatar
  • Win 100 Ranked Matches

Inventor Pip Skin

Season 5 Ranked Frames

Players who reached at least Gold during Season 4 will receive a Loading Frame based on their highest rank achieved:


Players who received 500 commendations during Season 5 will receive this frame at the beginning of Season 6:

Split Rewards

Split 1

  • Play 15 Ranked Matches
    • Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked Matches
    • Doombringer Avatar


Balance Changes

Air Strafing

  • Partial revert from 1200 up to 1650.


Mid-Air Inaccuracy

  • Fully removed!




  • Increase the effectiveness of Shields you create by 8/16/24% ➡️ 10/20/30%

Kill to Heal

  • Getting a kill or elimination heals you for 250/500/750 ➡️ 200/400/600 Health


Healer Shifts

The core of the “Dual Support Meta” issue seems to be that certain healers are too good at both healing and damage dealing. The intent of these changes is to make the most frequent offenders among supports choose either one or the other, while still allowing players to lean into their existing preference of playstyles.


  • New Keywords on Talents
    • Curative
      • Gain 20% Healing Done
    • Remedy
      • Gain 10% Healing and +5% Damage Done
    • Surgery
      • Gain 10% Damage Done
  • Healers Affected
    • Pip
      • Mega Potion
        • Gained Remedy
      • Catalyst
        • Gained Surgery
      • Combat Medic
        • Gained Curative
    • Furia
      • Cherish
        • Gained Remedy
      • Exterminate
        • Gained Surgery
      • Solar Blessing
        • Gained Curative
    • Grohk
      • Totemic Ward
        • Gained Remedy
      • Spirit’s Domain
        • Gained Curative
      • Maelstrom
        • Gained Surgery
    • Grover
      • Rampant Blooming
        • Gained Curative
      • Ferocity
        • Gained Surgery
      • Deep Roots
        • Gained Remedy



  • Cursed Revolver
    • Removed
  • Dark Stalker
    • ➡️ New (to some) Talent
    • Nether Step now has 3 separate charges and is no longer linked.


Base Health

  • 3500 ➡️ 4000



  • Tempering
    • Increase their base Cooldown by 50% ➡️ 25%.



  • Tinkerin’
    • Damage increased 550 ➡️ 600



  • Expansive Vault
    • Jump height is increased for your first jump within {1|1}s after exiting Shortcut. ➡️ {2.5|1}s
  • Crow’s Nest
    • Hitting yourself with Broadside now applies a Knockback of {500|100} ➡️ {500|150}.



  • Aegis
    • Shield Health reduced from 5200 ➡️ 4900



  • Pyre Blade
    • 330 Damage every 0.5s ➡️ 320
  • Pyre Strike
    • Additional 20 damage every 0.05s ➡️ 0.07s
  • Kindle Soul
    • Restoring 1000 health and an additional 400 health ➡️ 850 + 340 over 2s
  • Inflame
    • This effect lasts 8s➡️ 7s




  • Lightning Staff
    • Dealing 70 damage every 0.1s at base ➡️ 65 damage
  • Healing Totem
    • Restores 270 health every 1s ➡️ 256



  • Throwing Axe
    • Damage is increased based on distance traveled, up to 750 damage. ➡️ 650
  • Blossom
    • Passively heal allies around you for 80 every 1s. ➡️ 75 every 1s
    • Provide nearby allies a large burst of 650 healing ➡️ 600



  • Stone Spear
    • ➡️ Removed Self Slow


  • Earthen Guard
    • Damage Reduction increased 30% -> 35%
  • Mother’s Grace
    • Damage Reduction increased 10% -> 15%



  • Yokai Doll
    • Now requires a target before it can be fired




  • Potion Launcher
    • Damage 600 ➡️ 570
  • Explosive Flask
    • Damage 150 ➡️ 145



  • Subservience
    • Heal reduced from 2% ➡️ 1.5% max health per soul.



  • Hidden
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 ➡️ 14



  • Recharge
    • Shield Cap increased from 2000 ➡️ 3000
    • Recharge shields fill increased from 2200 ➡️ 3000



  • Heavy SMG
    • Burst Mode damage reduced from 155 per shot ➡️ 150 per shot



  • Illusion
    • Healing increased from 400 / 1.6s up to 420


Bug Fixes


  • Azaan
    • Fixed an issue where Rejuvenate was healing for incorrect amounts
      • was 8-12-20 instead of 10-20-30
  • Drogoz
    • Fixed an issue where Drogoz’ Dominator MVP Pose was using the Drogoz Mastery MVP animation.
    • Fixed an issue where Drogoz’ Mastery MVP Pose was using the Drogoz Default MVP animation.
  • Rei
      • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Chain Heal wouldn’t bounce properly between allies.
        • This issue was caused by last patches buff to the projectiles speed and has been reverted as we investigate the issue further.
  • Yagorath
    • Fixed an issue where Yagorath’s Golden skin would not display properly in game.


  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to send messages to friends via the socials tab

Under Investigation

  • Certain sprays have an issue that causes them to float rather than to be placed on wall or the ground.
  • Drogoz’ Ultimate being canceled by the hammer collision on dawn forge.