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Greetings Champions,

As many of you know, Paladins & us at Evil Mojo are making a lot of changes headed into the future. One thing we’ve heard a lot of feedback on is the Assembly of Champions. In short: It’s not working as well as any of us, community or developer, want it to. We’ve noticed members and players in general feeling unheard or frustrated, as well as had past issues with the program involving trust & safety. As we work to best focus our resources, it is with all this in mind that we’ve decided not to move forward with the Assembly of Champions into 2023.

We want to thank the members of our past AoCs for their contributions as well as for being pillars of the community. Your work, feedback, and support has never gone unappreciated and we will continue to listen to you all outside of this role. We also don’t want players to think this is the end of us being interactive & intently listening to our community. This format didn’t work for us, but we are going to explore new ways to keep ourselves in tune with the community’s sentiments.

Paladins has a passionate fanbase, and that passion drives us more now than it ever has before. We will continue to listen & respond, both through official channels as well as our own personal methods. We ask that you afford us patience & kindness as we continue to work to bring improvements to the game as well as find new ways to engage with you all. Our goal is a Paladins where players feel heard & know that their feedback is valued, even if we are unable to deliver on every want or expectation.

Thank you, every single one of you, for playing our game & being fierce fighters for the community. It means the world to us, and we will continue to try our best as we move into this future, together.