Play Free

Greetings Champions!

We here at Evil Mojo have been listening to the ongoing community conversation and feedback surrounding our interaction and focus on our players. We first want to reaffirm our commitment to supporting our community, through both direct methods like some initiatives outlined below, to indirect ways like our new community manager. (Hi!)

Recent events have informed our reflection as we were already navigating the transitions for this year, and we apologize that those events directly caused concern over our dedication to players. We care immensely about our community, and we are taking action to prove it. However, we want to reinforce that toxicity and harassment has no place in this community, from any of us, and moving forward we will be proactive in protecting our players and developers.

All that said, one piece of feedback we heard was “Words are only so much.” Here are the actions we’ll be taking:

Successor to the Assembly of Champions

When the decision was made to end the AoC, the intention was always to replace it with a better, more effective system. Let’s go over the key community criticisms of the AoC:

  • Delegates were elected via a system that favored popularity
  • Little reason was given into the how or why we did or didn’t use certain feedback
  • Feedback given by delegates was not always acted on by the dev team
  • At times, players felt we weighed the AoC above general feedback

With these pain points in mind, as well as the feedback we’ve received since the announcement of the AoC’s sunset, we are happy to share our multifaceted approach:

Feedback Form, for All

In order to gather feedback from all our players, we plan to release routine feedback forms in game and on socials. The cadence of these will reflect our ability to act upon feedback given with our patch cycles.

  • Goals
    • Provide all players with a way to give feedback we can act on
    • Garner a wider range of player skill & experiences
  • Transparency
    • We will send out reports after each routine survey to help inform the players of the results & what changes are being made from any insights gained

Partners of the Realm

In order to evolve the creator aspect of our community, we’re revamping our creator program with a dedicated Discord server, for sharing thoughts, cultivating community, and content creation knowledge sharing.

  • Goals
    • Build trust & safety among our creators
    • Allow a space for creators to share insights
    • Bring in more voices (wiki editors, moderators, former Pro players)
  • Transparency
    • This will be focused on assisting our creators in their careers & projects, not feedback focused, however they will still be able to provide us with it!
    • We’ll be sending qualifying previous Partners invitations ahead of Season 6

A Tale of Two Subreddits

A year ago, we made a separate subreddit for the purpose of more developer communication. We haven’t met expectations there, and we made a mistake in alienating our other subreddits. Moving forward, r/paladinsgame will be the official feedback subreddit for Paladins.

  • Goals
    • Provide an evergreen resource for players to provide meaningful feedback
    • Restore our community’s casual discussion to one location (r/Paladins)
    • Feedback & bugs can be consolidated effectively into one place to help players stay aware & us to track them
  • Transparency
    • This is a coordinated effort between us and our moderators, so please be patient with us as we assist them in this transition
    • Future AMAs & other dev interactions will still be hosted here

The Road Ahead

There will be separate communications around content & update cadence for 2023, but for this program as well as future community initiatives, the aim is a simple one: We want to build a foundation to support Paladin’s community efforts indefinitely, regardless of who you are in it. That foundation is built on transparency, where we show you all the work of our small but passionate team, as well as ensuring the safety of all our community members and developers.

Thank you, Champions, and see you all in the Realm!