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Greetings Champions!

As part of our ongoing efforts to make content more accessible & simplify our systems into the future, we’ve made the decision to sunset the Bounty Store & Marketplace at the start of Season 6: Emergence. Here’s an FAQ on how that will affect various areas of the game:

What will happen to the Bounty Store & Marketplace?

Starting in Season 6, the Bounty Store will no longer be available for purchases, the Bounty Marketplace will be shut down, and all Bounty Coin transactions will cease.

Will I keep my Bounty Skins?

You will keep all your non-duplicate Bounty Skins; you have and will continue to own them!

What will happen to my duplicate Bounty Skins?

Since they no longer have a use, we’ll be providing players with duplicate Bounty Skins with a combination of Diamond Troves, Crystals, and Gold based on how many skins you owned as a way of repaying you all for your use of the Bounty system!

How will past Bounty Skins be accessible?

In the future, skins originally only available through the Bounty Store will find their way into the game through direct purchase and/or chests!

What will happen to my remaining Bounty Coin balance?

We will be doing a currency conversion, transferring any remaining Bounty Coin into a combination of Gold, Boosters, and Flair & Style chests based on how much coin you have.

What will now be the Paladins Twitch Drops?

For future Twitch Drops, each week we will instead offer 6 Drops of 500 Gold and a final Drop of a Flair and Style Chest, keeping the 4 hours per Drop pacing. Make sure to have your HiRez account linked to Twitch to earn these: