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Greetings Champions!

Paladins’ players are able to enjoy all of their content and progress shared between PC & Xbox consoles. We wanted to take some time to explain how the account merging process works and answer some frequently asked questions. Here’s the break down:

Linking Online

Players can begin linking their accounts by visiting and logging into their preferred Hi-Rez account. Once logged in, click the “Linked Accounts” button on the left to get a snapshot of all the accounts you have linked. You can link/unlink any affiliated accounts from this screen.

Linked accounts are merged when cross progress is activated, so there’s no further action required after you have successfully linked your preferred accounts via our website!

Nintendo Switch Sunset Info

Previously, Paladins was available on Nintendo Switch, however it no longer as of June 21st, 2023. For players who primarily played on Switch, we highly encourage you to link an Xbox or PC account or ensure your Switch account is linked to a HiRez account above so you can continue to play on those platforms with all of your progress!

Cross-Progression FAQ

What will be shared between accounts when I link?

  • The following items from all your linked accounts will be shared: Gold, Owned Champions & Cosmetics, and any other owned content that is unused (un-rolled chests, team boosters, etc.)

What will my account level be if I had different progress across platforms?

  • All XP between linked accounts will be merged together.

What will happen to my Crystal total after I link my accounts?

  • Crystals owned on PC (and any remaining on Nintendo Switch) are only able to be used on those platforms. Crystals bought on Xbox are able to be used across all platforms.

For more information on Cross-Play, please visit