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While Paladins has existed for nearly 8 years since its beta forms, the game officially launched on May 8th, 2018! That means that this is its 5-year anniversary (for real this time, we swear), and we want to celebrate all summer long!

To get the party kicked off, we’re giving away various new & old cosmetics themed around the community, Evil Mojo, and Paladins itself during the Midnight Masquerade. This is just the beginning of what will be a series of events celebrating our history, so log on and play some games to earn these rewards!


Paladins’ 5th Anniversary Avatar

Week 1


It’s a Feature Spray

Week 2


Brought Back Payload Title

Week 3


Dev Environment Animated Avatar

Week 4


Fernando Announcer Pack

Week 5


Don’t want to have to wait? This weekend, we’re activating 2X Event Pass XP to help you finish up your Into the Abyss Event Pass ahead of the Midnight Masquerade. Then, expect more opportunities to level its Event Pass over its runtime!

Stay tuned for future announcements with more ways to celebrate our Anniversary heading to you throughout the next month!