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Midnight Masquerade Event Pass

Guests gather from across the Realm for the Shattered Moon Masquerade, where who you are matters much less than the appearance you keep.

Rewards (Exclusive to Event Pass purchasers)


In-Game Look

Crimson Crow Corvus

Instant Unlock

Eternal Waltz Corvus

Level 10

Danse Macabre Vora

Level 20

Patchwork Assassin Vora

Level 29


Roses in the Rough

Level 6


 Devourer’s Masque

Level 9


Funeral Flame

Level 14


Crimson Corset

Level 19


Tough Crowd

Level 23


Lion’s Pride

Level 24



Level 28



Rise of Seris

Level 8



Level 13


Cat Got Your Tongue

Level 16


Winds of Change

Level 25


Loading Frames

Center Stage

Level 3

Garden of Death

Level 18

Death Card

Party Crasher

Level 27

Non-Event Pass Cosmetics

Pride of the Realm Caspian Skin


Long Live the King Caspian Skin


Edgar Allan Crow Mount

600c | Diamond Trove


Redwood Stature Grover MVP

Flair and Style Chest

Loading Screens

  • Ripjaw Buck
  • Copacabana Cassie
  • Shore Patrol Fernando
  • Mernos Jenos
  • Shore Patrol Kinessa
  • Sarrada Lex
  • Shore Patrol Lian
  • Beachside Octavia
  • Sea Queen Saati
  • Lifeguard Tiberius
  • Marauder Tyra
  • Leviathan Yagorath
  • Mermaid Ying
  • Default Furia
    • The current Default Furia has been renamed Rise of Furia…Furia

Skins Added to Direct Purchase

  • Steel Forged Androxus
  • Corrupted Atlas
  • Vile Atlas
  • Digitized Bomb King
  • Love Machine Bomb King
  • Polar Bear Bomb King
  • Dragoncaller Cassie
  • Count Corvus
  • Bare Bones Dredge
  • Bewitching Evie
  • Steel Forged Imani
  • Corrupted Io
  • Frozen Moon Io
  • Draconic Enforcer Khan
  • Shore Patrol Koga
  • Goddess Lian
  • Merrymaker Lian
  • Akuma Makoa
  • Prosperous Makoa
  • Shiro Mal’Damba
  • Steel Forged Mal’Damba
  • Wickerman Mal’Damba
  • Dragonborn Moji
  • Arctic Pip
  • Divine Seris
  • Heartbreaker Skye
  • Kunoichi Skye
  • Scalebane Strix
  • Oni Talus
  • Wukong Talus
  • Abominable Terminus
  • Jotunn Terminus
  • Dire Wolf Tyra
  • Firebran Tyra
  • Lotus Tyra
  • Biting Wind VII
  • Firecracker Willo
  • Demon Slayer Zhin


Diamond Trove

  • Corrupted Atlas
  • Corrupted Io
  • Vile Atlas
  • Frozen Moon Io
  • Digitized Bomb King
  • Sigma Vivian

Holiday Avatars

AAPI Heritage 2023

Play 2 Games during Giveaway

1 Gold next patch

Cinco de Mayo 2023

1 Gold

Juneteenth 2023

Play 2 Games during Giveaway

1 Gold next patch

Pride 2023

Play 2 Games during Giveaway

1 Gold next patch

Ameri-Khan Independance

Play 2 Games during Giveaway

1 Gold in Store next patch

Paladins’ 5th Anniversary Kickoff!

While Paladins has existed for nearly 8 years since its beta forms, the game officially launched on May 8th, 2018! That means that this is it’s 5-year anniversary (for real this time), and so we want to celebrate all summer long!

To get the party kicked off, we’re giving away various new & old cosmetics themed around the community, Evil Mojo, and Paladins itself. This is just the beginning of what will be a summer of celebrating our history, so log on and play some games to earn these rewards!


Paladins’ 5th Anniversary Avatar

Week 1


It’s a Feature Spray

Week 2


Brought Back Payload Title

Week 3


Dev Environment Animated Avatar

Week 4


Fernando Announcer Pack

Week 5


General Updates

Mode Rotation

To peel back the curtain a bit, our original plan was to retire Payload at the end of this patch. Community, we’ve heard your voice, and we know you’re not ready to say farewell to it just yet. The main problem this poses, now, is splitting the population between too many queues (which causes longer times for matchmaking, and more games where the matchmaker just can’t find a good match in time and just forces ANY match).

Instead, we’re going to (temporarily) rotate out the Onslaught/King of the Hill queue. Those modes will be returning in the future! This will allow us to keep Payload on longer than we expected & provide a better matchmaking experience. We selected the Onslaught/King of the Hill queue because, now that we’re looking at rotating modes in and out, that gives us the opportunity to separate the two game modes when we rotate them back in.

In the meantime, we’ll be rotating Onslaught as it is back into the LTM slot for alternating weekends during Midnight Masquerade.

In addition, we’ve heard players growing somewhat fatigued of Choose-Any Team Deathmatch, so we’re swapping that out for the original Team Deathmatch instead!

Boosters Return!

We’ve restored boosters for sale in the Store! Players can navigate to the Account section of the Store & purchase all 3 Boosters types for Gold and/or Crystals.

Team Champion XP Booster: 10,000 Gold / 10 Crystals

Event Pass Booster: 25,000 Gold / 25 Crystals

Skin Booster: 100 Crystals

Ranked: Cross-Play, Reset, and Split

With the Masquerade patch, we’re introducing cross-play to ranked queues. We’ve gone into more detail in our Dev Insights post, but this change is primarily for the purpose of improving matchmaking. As part of this, we’ll be doing a Hard Reset, so players can earn placement in the new cross input-method competitive environment. From the Insights:

There’s really only one way to improve match quality without hurting queue times, or vice versa, and that’s to get more players in the same queue.…If you opponent is on gamepad, they [will be] a gamepad player that performs at roughly your MMR. If they are a KBM player, they’re one that performs at roughly your MMR.…Matchmaking implicitly takes the input method into account, because they’re winning/losing matches with whichever input they use to be assigned their MMR, if that makes sense.
If you opponent is on gamepad, they [will be] a gamepad player that performs at roughly your MMR. If they are a KBM player, they’re one that performs at roughly your MMR.…
Matchmaking implicitly takes the input method into account, because they’re winning/losing matches with whichever input they use to be assigned their MMR, if that makes sense.

Split Rewards

Golden Cache – Play 5 Games

Starry Knife Avatar – Play 25 Games

Map Rotation

Time to heat things up with the pyre! For this ranked rotation, we will be swapping out Ice Mines for Dawnforge, meaning Ice Mines, Frozen Guard, Fish Market, Timber Mill, and Bazaar will be your maps that are out this rotation. This patch’s casual siege rotation has also been modified to accommodate this change. In other words, while all casual maps will remain playable, some map percentages have been lowered and increased in line with the current ranked rotation and community feedback.

Limited Time Modes

The Midnight Masquerade patch will feature 2 unique and 5 other modes that rotate throughout the patch cycle. Each week there will be a different limited time mode available, from midnight Friday until 8am on Monday, EST. Here are some quick previews of what to expect next:


  • TRAINS! Play on a special prototype TDM map featuring moving trains! Keep an eye on the flashing lights!

Fog of War

  • Play on variations of Abyss and Marauder’s Port with heavy fog! Watch your step!

Greatest Hits – Returning Favorites

  • Test Maps
  • Cards to the Max
  • It’s Treeson Then
  • Onslaught (every other weekend)

Balance Changes


Dark Stalker was an odd choice for a first talent for new players learning Androxus, so we wanted to change it out with one that plays more like “normal” Androxus by default. In addition, Defiant Fist felt underutilized, so we took the opportunity to show it some love.


  • Defiant Fist
    • Increased bonus damage per shot from 15% ➡️20%
    • Swapped Defiant Fist & Dark Stalker in Talent Unlock order (Defiant Fist is now the default)


There’s been a lot of conversation around point tanks in Paladins. Ash felt like she was close, particularly when using the Fortress Breaker talent. We’re hopeful this change allows her to join the list of viable Point Tanks when selecting it.


  • Fortress Breaker
    • Increased shield health from 2000 ➡️ 2500

Bomb King

Bomb King has been performing well… bordering on Bomb Emperor status. We wanted to hit Royal Decree, but we heard community feedback that Shock and Awe should be looked at, so we’re touching both, and will keep an eye on where he lands.


  • Royal Decree
    • Decreased reload speed from {6|6}% ➡️ {4|4}%
  • Shock and Awe
    • Reduced Movement Speed bonus from {3|3}% ➡️ {2.75|2.75}%
    • Reduced Duration from 4s ➡️ 3s


We’ve kept an eye on supports since keywords were added, especially the ones who received them. Of all the affected Champions, Furia seems to have landed in the roughest spot. We’ve received a great deal of feedback around those keywords, so we’re incorporating a community suggestion and swapping the Keywords on Cherish and Solar Blessing to have them fall more in line with the traditional Furia playstyles players have come to expect from each Talent.


We’ve also increased the duration of the lingering effect on Solar Blessing to make it more effective as the “Utility” Talent of the three, since while the heal effect was powerful, it was difficult to utilize in a match unless used on a Champion like Yagorath who spends a lot of time in one place. So now while the most healing will still be done to those who sit under the Pyre Strike, allies briefly walking under it will still receive a powerful heal and give Furia a bit more freedom when using Solar Blessing.


  • Cherish
    • Remedy (10% Healing & 5% Damage Bonus) ➡️ Curative (20% Healing Bonus)
    • Changed healing from 18% of missing health to 15% of maximum health
  • Solar Blessing
    • Curative (20% Healing Bonus) ➡️ Remedy (10% Healing & 5% Damage Bonus)
    • Now also applies a Healing over Time effect to allies who pass through the beam for 1.5s after leaving its radius.
    • Changed the application rate of the Healing from .05s ➡️ .1s


Imani has always had a high skill ceiling and floor, making her a difficult Champion to learn as well as perform well with. When to swap between Fire and Ice forms was always part of the challenge of playing Imani, and the Cooldowns could lead to frustrating lockouts when playing in a hectic match. We’ve incorporated Affinity into her base kit, reducing Elemental Shift’s Cooldown to 1s at base, and reworked it to give Imani Damage Resistance for 2s. With these changes Imani will be able to swap elements more quickly, allowing players to focus on how to use her Abilities and become much more familiar with the gameplay flow of the Champion more quickly.


Due to the incorporation of Affinity into base Imani, we’ve added Cooldowns to her Elemental Shift cards to more closely match those interactions before this change, and to prevent abusing certain effects, like Healing, every 1s. Combining these changes to Elemental Shift and its Cards, we’ve increased the damage on Frost Bolt and reduced the Cooldown on Frost Bomb/Inferno Cannon, this way Imani will have access to powerful tools regardless of what Element she is attuned to and able to react to and meaningfully contribute to any situation.


  • Elemental Shift
    • Cooldown reduced from 6s ➡️ 1s
  • Frost Bomb/Inferno Cannon
    • Cooldown reduced from 15s ➡️ 13s


  • Affinity
    • Original rank 5 effect integrated into the base kit
    • Now will reduce damage taken by {5|5}% for 2s after activating Elemental Shift (Internal Cooldown of 5s).
  • Discipline and Draconic Will
    • Now have internal cooldowns of 3s to account for faster Elemental Shift
  • Elemental Barrier
    • Now have internal cooldowns of 5s to account for faster Elemental Shift


  • Frost Bolt
    • Increased damage from 420 ➡️ 440


Terminus is an interesting character to balance – as his power level fluctuates heavily depending on the match he is participating in. Certain characters, maps, or even input types can alter the perception of Terminus’ power level and lead to mixed feedback on whether he is too powerful / weak. As such we’re always examining what makes Terminus strong and looking at ways we can improve the player experience without pushing Terminus’ power level over the edge.


We’re resetting the Cooldown on Shatterfall when Terminus uses his Ultimate, allowing him to get out of a bad situation or keep pushing the assault when he comes back, since while Revival does a lot of damage, it can be avoided quite consistently and leaves Terminus open once he’s back. We’re also increasing the healing received from the Card Playing God, so that Terminus can more reliably sustain himself in a prolonged fight in between uses of Power Siphon. Overall, these changes allow Terminus players to make more meaningful decisions in the middle of combat and raise his effectiveness in situations that don’t favor him.


  • Shatterfall
    • Now has its cooldown reset on use of Revival.


  • Playing God
    • Heal gained from Power Siphon increased from {3|3}% ➡️ {5|5}%


Willo seemed like she could benefit from a little love, so these changes are intended to ensure that more of the tools in her kit are available more often.


  • Seedling
    • Reduced cooldown from 15s ➡️ 13s


  • Wand of Overgrowth
    • Increased ammo from 8 ➡️ 9


The damage reduction on this ability was found to be particularly frustrating to play against, particularly in high-level play where Vatus are more prone to deliberately taking advantage of it. As a result, we cut it in half, to hopefully feel better when he’s on the opposing team.


  • Dash
    • Reduced damage reduction during Dash from 50% ➡️ 25%


This is largely a quality of life improvement. The form swap cooldown was already quite short, but with this change we hope she’ll feel just a little less clunky.


  • Form Swap
    • Reduced cooldown from 4s ➡️ 2s
    • In practice, this will make her form swaps take ~1s for each form

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where Androxus’ Dark Stalker talent was not separating cooldowns of each charge of Nether Step properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Androxus’ Steam Demon’s Kompreessor and Shattermaw weapons were using the incorrect firing animation.


  • Fixed an issue where Azaan’s lore description was replaced by Nyx’s (the irony is not lost on us)

Betty La Bomba

  • Fixed an issue where the projectile from Betty’s Ultimate, Long Live the Queen, could get stuck in her model if she used her ultimate at the end of a round.


  • Fixed an issue where Fernando’s FN-01 Erebos skin was using the incorrect art.
  • Updated Fernando’s Shield ability description to mention the self-slow effect.


  • Fixed an issue where Astral Cycle was not increasing the duration of Astral Mark.


  • Fixed an issue where Golden Khan’s loading art was incorrect.


  • Fixed an issue where Koga could respawn with less than full Energy in some game modes.


  • Addressed an issue where Nyx’s weapon shots could dry fire against enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Nyx’s weapon shots would not hit enemies properly if there was a shield behind them.
  • Updated UI meter for Rift Slash

Sha Lin

  • Fixed a grammatical error in Sha Lin’s Crippling Arrow ability description.


  • Fixed an issue where Seris’ Spooky emote could be missing VFX on skins other than default.


  • Fixed an issue where the card Confound was causing her smoke bomb to be temporarily locked out.


  • Updated Terminus’ Power Siphon ability description to mention the self-slow effect.


  • Updated the names of all the Payload maps to correspond to their Beta names.
    • We also updated Outpost’s name to Greenwood Outpost, to bring it more in line with the other two map names.
  • Fixed an issue where the rewards for Season 6 Ranked were misaligned on the full-screen pop-up.
  • Updated the Spacebar key bind callout to fix a text error.

Under Investigation

  • Characters with Abilities that have =<1s Cooldowns will not display the Stopwatch icon next to the Abilities’ Cooldown.