Play Free

Rifts are stories from alternative versions of the Realm, one where the characters you know explore themes from Paladins’ past and future. Our first takes place at the grand Shattered Moon Masquerade, a night of grandeur and excitement hosted by the Magistrate. However, a harbinger walks among them, waiting for her opportunity to strike.

As the sun sets, travelers from far and wide gather to celebrate Corvus’ final ascent to Grand Magister. After years of dedication to his countship, he is finally prepared to take his father’s place at the helm of the Magistrate. To celebrate, a display of power and prosperity was arranged: the Shattered Moon Masquerade. These events are commonplace now: Corvus insists the best way to celebrate is to have a night where he can dance with whoever he pleases, with them none-the-wiser it was him. However, this was no ordinary Masquerade, which is the reason Vora had to attend this affair.

Sure, the ambiance was immaculate, and she was right in her element: partygoers can barely muster words after she can display her ballet routine. Though the fashion and glamor were very her, she was here for one thing and one thing only: the object of her devotion. A fallen shard of the Moon housed deep within the Archives. Normally, far out of her reach…but tonight? That’s where the main event is. Ha!

She arrived at the ball promptly on time, not out of necessity but for flair. Nothing was more satisfying than commanding the attention of strangers, only to disappear at the last moment. Sure, it could be considered cruel, but that’s for her therapist to deal with. Besides, there was a whole night ahead of them! She could at least entertain herself for a while, maybe even meet the man himself before she robs him blind.

She made her way through the grounds, taking the hand of any stranger brave enough to ask for hers. She’d often out move them, though at times she’d struggle due to not knowing what they were saying. She wasn’t going to let a silly language barrier stop her from flattering others! It was during these exchanges of pleasantries and flirts that she ran across a concerning sight: Caspian. Anyone would recognize his…forward appearance from miles away. Normally, she’d be excited to chastise the thief, but tonight was her night and he better not be working.

As she attempted an approach to inform him of his compulsory time off, the clock struck midnight & the game had begun. Corvus revealed himself among those in the crowd, not that it was difficult. The loveable fool insists on always wearing a crow mask…does he know? Besides the point, he slowly strolls to the heart of the Archives, his claim to fame & where he will be…crow-ned. 

Crowds of people follow him, enough that people could get lost in, how tragic. Vora slips her way past the enamored guests and into the library that resides within. These books hold so many secrets across the Realm, so many opportunities to blackmail those who dare threaten her way of life. Yet, she was here only for what lies in the middle of the room, basking in the light it once fell from. The Shattered Moon, that which held the being she adored so deeply. This shard, it could perhaps draw her closer, allow her to discover a way – any way – to be with her. As she reached out for her prize, blasts rang from outside and soldiers began to shout. Over the commotion, she heard exactly what she feared.

Caspian had caused an absolute display, snatching the commemorative sword that was to be given to Corvus, and now was dashing his way out of the keep. With a groan and a flick of the wrist, Vora grabs the shard as even MORE sirens begin to blare. If he wasn’t going to be careful, then why should she? She begins to saunter out to catch a glimpse of Corvus chasing after the thief, almost looking as if he’s enjoying the added drama. All this Realm cares about is themselves…alas she is no different. Luckily, with Caspian making a fool of himself, her exit is as simple as a tendril up and over the external wall.

She would head back home: a lovely hut where she styled outfits for Damsel Devourer herself, and set the shard from the Moon on her bedside table neatly. Her obsession had been quelled…for now! You can’t expect her to stay satisfied long, she’s much too accomplished for that.